10 Best Comfortable Nurse Shoes For Standing All Day in 2021

10 Best Comfortable Nurse Shoes For Standing All Day in 2021

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Everybody needs a pair of comfortable work shoes for their daily grind, and nurses are no exception.

In fact, with the current global health climate, nurses and healthcare workers need access to the most immaculate gear to help them thrive.

Obviously, the job doesn’t come without its challenges.

One of the most commonly reported health problems among nurses is foot and ankle pain. Not only does it affect their performance at work, but the acute pain also compromises the day-to-day activities of our diligent caregivers.

Therefore, we have curated an elaborate list for all our healthcare front-liners who deserve nothing but the best in footwear.

1.  Alegria Debra Professional Shoes

The Alegria nursing shoe lineup caters specifically to those dedicating their lives to healthcare. With a slip-resistant and structured outsole, waterproof upper, and superior arch support, these comfortable work shoes dispense comfort, care, and compassion without a prescription.

Alegria Debra Professional Shoes 

And the Debra nurse shoes are perfect for nurses who do the same.

Alegria promises all-day comfort with the help of the structured outsoles on these loafer-style shoes. By using a slip-resistant polyurethane, the outsoles contribute immensely to the overall soft ride of the shoes.

Moreover, the removable and replaceable footbeds help keep the foot fatigue at bay. Thanks to the delightful combination of latex, cork, and memory foam, the footbed harmonizes with practically any foot shape.

What’s more, the reinforced arch support is especially alluring for nurses with troubling foot arches.

And the best part? These clog-style shoes boast a laceless, slip-on design. So, if you find laces to be an unnecessary hurdle in your time-sensitive job, the Algeria Debra shoes are the way to go!

2.  Dansko’s Men and Women’s Professional Clogs

The Dansko Professional line is the foremost champion of the Comfort Revolution.

 Dansko’s Men and Women’s Professional Clogs

Beyond the iconic silhouette, these clogs offer a wide range of productive features. This includes a roomy toe box, a polyurethane footbed, a padded instep collar, and a protective heel counter.

But what does all of this mean for the healthcare front-liners who are on their feet all day?

First of all, the structure of the shoe is unbelievably accommodating without being too slack. This is partly thanks to the generously cut toe box, which is as protective as it is roomy.

Moreover, these APMA-approved comfortable work shoes utilize a protective TPU heel counter, allowing your heels to slide naturally with brisk strides. Once again, your feet will have plenty of wiggle room without slipping out of the footwear altogether.

Hence, the Dansko Professional Clogs will give you the stability you need in an otherwise unstable work environment.

Speaking of stability, the Polyurethane inner frame further guarantees steadiness and velocity by optimizing torque. Not only that, but the padded instep collar minimizes chafing and friction burn that can result from hours of walking or standing. 

Now, you can dart from ward to ward without injuring yourself.

Not fond of the iridescent “oil spill” color scheme? Luckily, you can choose from over 20 style options to complement your scrubs!

3.  Loom Men and Women’s Waterproof Sneakers

Running shoes and sneakers are among the top choices for nurses in the hunt for comfortable work shoes. However, it’s the little intricacies that truly set apart a casual running shoe from podiatric-approved sneakers.

 Loom waterproof shoes

The Loom Waterproof Sneakers definitely fall in the latter category.

Loom prides itself on being the front-running waterproof footwear available in the market. Thanks to its innovative water-resistant and moisture-wicking sheath, your feet will remain dry, fresh, and pleasant throughout the day.

Additionally, these comfortable work shoes are easy-to-clean and quick-drying. Should you suffer from misfortunate stains and forget to bring a change of shoes, you can wash your shoes and be on your way in no time.

What’s more, the four-way stretch Merino wool interior ensures a unique fit for every wearer. The Merino wool carries the added benefit of natural antibacterial properties, upholding the strict sanitary requirements of your workplace.

Moreover, the form-fitting flexibility liberates your movement and allows you to do your job without any restrictions.

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4.  Alegria Women’s Keli

Nurses all over the world sing the praises of the Alegria Keli Shoes. These slip-on comfortable work shoes offer the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and style for the workplace.

 Alegria Women’s Keli

The Alegria Keli shoes boast a pristine, hand-stitched leather upper. Not only does the luxurious-feeling leather offer all-day comfort, but it also repulses any accidental water spillage.

Moreover, the Keli Professional shoes are super easy to clean.

Scrubbing has never been this easy with the stain-resistant outer coating. Rest assured, the Keli shoes will repel any and all spillage that comes with the job.

In addition to the leather upper, the inner lining also enjoys the benefits of breathable suede material. For those dedicated to the sweat-inducing all-day grind, this added ventilation is a holy grail.

Comfort aside, the Alegria Keli Professional clogs promise a dream-like fit for all wearers. "How," you ask?

Firstly, the elastic gore on either side of the instep allows the shoes to stretch as much as needed. Secondly, even if the fitting is off, the padded collar prevents the heel from slipping unexpectedly.

And while we’re on the subject, the slip-resistant and non-marking Career Casual outsole will help you keep sure-footed throughout the day.

The fresh baked white design is perfect for those working in the maternity ward. However, there are countless designs from which you can choose.

5.  Adidas Ultraboost 20

Most people don’t normally associate the sports-oriented brand Adidas with healthcare. However, the Ultraboost 20 is here to change the game completely.

 Adidas Ultraboost 20

What makes the Ultraboost 20 a must-have for nurses is its impressive cushioning system. Staying on your feet all day long won’t be as harrowing when it feels like you’re walking on clouds.

The analogy also attests to the incredibly lightweight construction of these shoes. Weighing only 10 ounces, it feels more like you’re wearing socks than full-on running shoes.

In fact, the foot-hugging knit upper manufactures a snug, sock-like fit. This, combined with the tailored fiber placements, helps ensure that your feet remain locked in place.

Moreover, the titular responsive boost midsole will give you that extra bit of boost you need to get through your wearisome shift.

6.  ASICS Gel Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

Don’t be fooled by the misleading name of these renowned ASICS tennis shoes. The fact is, nurses often favor tennis shoes because of the ample amount of cushioning they offer.

ASICS Gel Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes 

The proportion of cushioning available in any shoe speaks for its comfort level. A higher proportion of cushioning, as can be seen in the Gel Challenger 12, typically attests to greater comfort and support.

However, there’s something a tad more special about the cushioning in these acclaimed tennis shoes.

Unlike the standard EVA and spEVA materials seen in ASICS shoes, the Gel Challenger 12 boasts a novel Solyte midsole foam. Compared to its counterparts, the Solyte midsoles are noticeably more shock-absorbent, lightweight, and durable.

Additionally, the cushioning system extends to the rearfoot and forefoot as well. This way, the entire shoe helps in dissipating the built-up discomfort from a long day of standing and walking.

But do the shoes do the same for the built-up sweat and moisture from a full day of toil? Definitely!

Thanks to the breathable and moisture-wicking mesh upper, your feet will be able to breathe all day long.

7.  Skechers Sure Track-Trickel

If work-related falls are your number-one concern as a nurse, you’re not alone. In fact, slipping and falling are such common occupational hazards that Skechers came out with a pair of shoes to exclusively address the problem.

Skechers Sure Track-Trickel 

The Sure Track Trickel shoes feature a tried-and-tested slip-resistant rubber traction outsole. With these shoes on, you can stride around the workplace with the utmost confidence.

But it’s not just the outsoles that are responsible for preventing slipping.

While it escapes most people’s considerations, a secure fit of the shoe plays a vital role in slip resistance. Luckily, the Skechers Sure Track Trickel shoes feature a nifty lace up front to keep your feet locked in place. Additionally, the padded collar and tongue reinforce an overall snug fit.

If you weren’t already convinced, the electrical hazard-safe design would surely get the buzz going.

8.  K-Swiss Men and Women’s Classic VN

The CK-Swiss Classics family is prominent for its simplicity and minimalism, and the Classic VN stays true to its traditional heritage. However, it doesn’t shy away from a little modern twist.

 K-Swiss Men and Women’s Classic VN

“What’s the twist,” you might be wondering?

The K-Swiss Classic VNs are the first tennis shoes to feature a leather upper. While tennis players can contest the usefulness of a leather shoe on the tennis court, nurses can unanimously appreciate this feature.

Thanks to their mostly leather outer, these comfortable work shoes help you stay warm in the air-conditioned hospital buildings. At the same time, the waterproof material will ensure that your feet remain dry and comfortable throughout the day.

The only things not made of leather are the lightweight, non-marking outsoles and the lace closures. Since slipping is a common occupational hazard for nurses, the slip-resistant outsoles will keep you on your feet all day. 

If the laces are putting you off, then keep an open mind. The Classic VNs may not be laceless, but you won’t have to fumble around with undone laces thanks to the metal D-rings.

Moreover, the die-cut EVA and CMEVA heel cup sock liner guarantee all-day stability.

9. Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes

This brand might as well have been called “pain-defyer” owing to its attention to foot, ankle, leg, and back pain.

 Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes

The Mighty Walk Athletic shoes are ideal for nurses who suffer from plantar fasciitis because of extensive work hours. Thanks to the VersoShock technology, roomy toe box, removable insoles, and complementary orthotics, the Mighty Walk is the ultimate comfortable work shoe for nurses.

Gravity Defyer’s patented VeroSchol technology is clinically tested for all-over pain relief. This involves reducing foot, ankle, leg, and back pain by up to 92%. But that’s not all.

Instead, it’s the little details that make the Mighty Walkers an unrivaled comfortable work shoe.

For instance, the roomy toe box may seem like a throwaway feature at first. But, in reality, all that extra space ensures better blood circulation, thereby minimizing numbness and discomfort.

Similarly, the removable insoles are good for more than just hygienic purposes (which is important in and of itself). Because of this feature, you can use custom orthotic support to soothe inflammation.

That is, of course, if you can’t find a good fit from among the wide range of free podiatrist-grade corrective fit orthotics that come with the shoes.

  10. Crocs Bistro Clogs

Despite the bad rap they have been getting in recent years, you can’t deny that crocs are some of the most comfortable footwear choices. Granted, the generic crocs don’t really scream professionalism.

 Crocs Bistro Clogs

However, this clogs-inspired design is a different story.

The Crocs Bistro Clogs was designed with healthcare workers in mind. Lightweight and supportive, these shoes will get you through even the longest shift hours.

The enclosed toe design and reinforced metatarsal area add to the armored look of these unique crocs.

Better still, these shoes offer the best of both worlds with a pristine leather upper and a spacious ankle collar. This way, your feet will remain protected against spills while still being able to breathe.


Nursing is a heavily demanding job- even more so with our current global health crisis. Therefore, nurses must be equipped with comfortable work shoes to help them do their job.

While there are many choices of “nurse shoes” in the market today, you don’t need to restrict yourself to these.

Instead, sneakers, running shoes, and tennis shoes are the go-to for many hard-working nurses for their ample cushioning. Additionally, these shoes are always slip-resistant as well as waterproof and breathable, which is crucial for any comfort-oriented work shoes.

It’s a bonus if the shoes you are eyeing have the stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Association.

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