About Us

The Loom team loves shoes. Maybe a little too much, actually. When we realized how many shoes were in our closets, we were a little embarrassed. Then, when we found out the damage that manufacturing all those pairs did to the planet, we were shocked. We knew there had to be a better way.
So, we started to think: What if we could put all the best features of our favorite shoes into one, year-round, all-terrain package? Waterproof, windproof, comfortable, athletic, safe, stylish, and more. 
But we didn’t just want to reinvent the way we wear shoes. We needed to change the way footwear manufacturing practices were affecting the environment. 
It took years of dreaming, planning, development, and testing, but we are finally ready to release Loom, the most versatile eco-friendly footwear on the planet. 
We’re proud of our work on Loom, and we hope you’ll be proud to back a shoe that perfectly fits your feet, your lifestyle, and the move to a cleaner planet. 
The Loom family is comprised of footwear enthusiasts around the world. We are top designers, engineers, ergonomic specialists, scientists, and adventurers, all putting our heads together in our offices to build a better shoe for a better world.


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