10 Smart Ways to Make Your Travel Shoes Last Longer?

10 Smart Ways to Make Your Travel Shoes Last Longer?

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Whether your travels are activity-based or not, comfortable, reliable shoes are essential. You wouldn't want to ruin your trip all because of damaged shoes.

But does this mean you'll have to compromise on fashion for comfort?

Certainly not! We have a few tips that will help you make your travel shoes last longer, without compromising fashion.

Let’s get started!

10 Smart Ways to Make Your Travel Shoes Last Longer

Taking a few precautionary measures can make your travel shoes last a long time. These tips are easy to follow and will save you from saying an early goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes.

Here are some ways that can help you extend the life of your travel shoes:

1- Pick the Right Travel Footwear

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes during your trip can really ruin the fun. Moreover, it can damage your shoes.


Even for a weekend city trip, don’t make the mistake of packing heels only. What would you do if you have to walk a lot? Your feet will start hurting, and you may even end up with broken or damaged heels.

Try planning out your trip beforehand. It’s better to have an idea of what places you will visit and stay updated with the weather forecast. If you're going to a place with rainy weather, we suggest packing waterproof travel shoes.

In addition, comfortable, lightweight shoes like Loom are also important if you are going hiking and for other similar activities. So plan out everything and pack accordingly. Three to four travel shoes are good enough for long trips.

2- Storing Your Shoes

The way you pack your shoes can also have an impact on their condition.

Usually, shoes come with duster bags. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them and protect your shoes from dust.

When packing for a trip, we sometimes shove many things in a single carrier due to limited space. This makes shoes vulnerable to damage. Sharp objects can scratch their surface. In the case of leakages, your travel shoes might get stained or distorted.

An easy way to protect your shoes is by packing them in duster bags. It'll also prevent dust from accumulating on top.

3- Preserve the Shape of Your Shoes

Another important thing to keep in mind while packing shoes is to preserve their shape. Leather, in particular, can wear out sooner if it starts losing its shape.

The best way to avoid this problem is by buying cedar shoe trees. They prevent your shoes from losing their shape. Besides this, they also remove any excess moisture from your shoes, which adds to their life.

4- Break Into Your New Shoes

We know you're excited to take your new pair of shoes with you, but trust us when we say that it's not a good idea. First, you have to break into your new shoes.

However, using your own feet to break into your shoes is a bad idea. You may end up with cuts, blisters, and a whole lot of pain.

So what should you do? Well, you can use a shoe stretcher or place some paddings to loosen the shoes a little. Also, try wearing shoes at home for an hour.

5- Sole and Heel Protectors

We all have that one pair of shoes that we wear multiple times a week because they're just so comfortable. Regular use can wear out shoes quickly, which is why it would help to have extra protection.


You can prevent your shoes from wearing out early by adding rubber soles inside to protect the original sole. Additionally, you can attach sole protectors to the outsoles of your shoes as well.

Heel plates are also great for protecting your heels from wearing off.

Moreover, these protectors add more friction to your shoes, preventing you from slipping.

6- Shoe Rotation

Another way to keep your shoes functional is by not wearing them daily.

Remember we mentioned to keep at least three pairs of travel shoes for your trip? Well, you'll understand the importance of it now.

By keeping at least three pairs, you can alternate and create a rotation. This will stop you from overusing a single pair and wearing them out.

It also gives your shoes some time to breathe, reducing wear.

7- Waterproofing Your Shoes

This might not seem important, but water can really ruin certain shoes, causing them to wear out sooner.

There are two ways to deal with such situations.

Firstly, you can apply waterproof products to your shoes. Here's one way of waterproofing your shoes:

  • Rub beeswax onto the surface of your shoes.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry the beeswax
  • Let the shoes sit for around to 7 minutes

That's all you need to do to get waterproof travel shoes.


Secondly, you can invest in some waterproof travel shoes. This will save you from putting in additional effort to apply the water repellent. Loom offers high-quality 100% waterproof travel shoes that are travel-friendly and perfect for every season.

8- Using a Shoe Horn

If you pack your shoes without undoing the buckles, you need to stop. This is quite damaging and will wear out your shoes over time.

Putting a shoe horn on your shoes can do the trick. Not only can you slide into your shoes easily, but it also prevents the back of your shoes from losing shape.

9- Keeping Your Shoes Clean

Proper maintenance can add a couple of extra years to your traveling shoes.

After a hiking adventure, avoid putting your dirty shoes into a plastic bag. This will only make them wear out quickly. Instead, take an old rag and clean off the dirt from your shoes.

Moreover, don't throw your shoes in the washing machine for a spin. It’s better to wash them by hand. An old toothbrush or rag will be perfect for the job.

You can also use shoe cream, particularly with leather shoes, as moisturizing the exterior makes them last longer.

10- Let Your Shoes Breathe

Lastly, give all your shoes time to breathe. Shoving your shoes into a closet after wearing them for hours doesn't help their condition.

We understand if the bad odor bothers you, but you don’t have to keep up with it.

Sprinkle baking soda into your shoes and let them rest overnight. As baking soda is moisture-wicking, it takes away the bad odor.

Alternatively, you can also buy purifying bags that absorb moisture and odor from your shoes.

If you don’t want to deal with bad odor, it's best to invest in anti-odor shoes. They also prevent your feet from getting sweaty. Loom's waterproof sneakers are made of moisture-absorbing materials with antimicrobial properties, keeping them from smelling bad. 


You never know how much you adore a pair of shoes until it's time to say goodbye to the pair. You can avoid this situation by taking a little care of your shoes.

By now you know that the right amount of care can really make your travel shoes last longer. Keeping them clean and preserving their shape are only a few things that you can do.

Follow our tips and you can enjoy traveling in comfortable and stylish footwear without worrying about wearing them off.

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