5 New Year's Eve Shoes You'll Actually Want to Wear All Night

5 New Year's Eve Shoes You'll Actually Want to Wear All Night

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When it comes to New Year celebrations, nothing can stop you from going all out. You clear out your schedule, load up on caffeine, and plan your night to the T, so you don’t suffer from premature burnout.

That is, of course, until your feet cramp up and you have to tap out halfway through the night.

Well, that’s what happens when you forgo the importance of comfortable footwear in your New Year’s celebrations.

Think about it: you know you’re going to be on your feet the whole night—whether for dancing or walking around town. So, doesn’t it make sense to wear something comfortable and cozy to keep your festive spirits high? And no, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style.

From knit sneakers to flat sandals, you can easily strike the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. Here are some ideas.

1.  Jessica Simpson Silesta Sneakers

 Jessica Simpson Silesta Sneakers


  • Created by singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson
  • Recyclable, flexible, and eco-friendly thermoplastic elastomer soles
  • Come in two colors
  • Lace-up closure
  • Chunky platform sole

Knit sneakers don’t typically scream “New Year glam,” even though they’re the most practical footwear option for a night of walking, dancing, and being on your feet the whole night.

But if you think sneakers can’t be glamorous, these Jessica Simpson Silesta Sneakers will make you think twice. Bedazzled with rhinestones, the sneakers offer an attractive combination of utility and pazazz. Of course, you can’t expect anything less from the mastermind behind these luxurious sneakers: style icon, fashion designer and singer, Jessica Simpson.

Reflecting Simpson’s dazzling and chic style, sparkling rhinestones envelop the sneakers’ upper. Additionally, the metallic copper detailing adds an extra oomph to these New Years’ knit sneakers.

Moreover, you can also choose between two color options: black sparkle and leopard sparkle. The black shoes look especially out-of-this-world under the characteristic New Year’s ambient lighting- almost like a disco ball. 

 Jessica Simpson Silesta Sneaker

The best part is that you can style these chunky sneakers with almost anything: dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, jeans— you name it!

In terms of general wearability and comfort, these scene-stealing shoes have got you covered on all fronts. The wide forefoot section is perfect for dancing and long-distance walking, and the lace-up closure will keep you well-grounded even if you’re feeling a little tipsy.

But the real source of comfort is the platform-esque soles. Halfway between a platform shoe and regular knit sneakers, the elevated sole adds a very chic and modern aesthetic to these shoes.

Moreover, the soles feature a thermoplastic elastomer material. This material is naturally flexible, requires very few resources to process, and keeps your feet warm against the cold New Year’s breeze.


2.  Loeffler Randall Leily Ankle Strap Pumps

 Loeffler Randall Leily Ankle Strap Pumps


  • All-velvet rust-colored upper
  • 75-inch chunky heels
  • Flexible, comfortable, breathable leather sole
  • Ankle strap with metal buckle

Whoever said practical and vogue are mutually exclusive clearly haven’t seen these Ankle Strap Pumps by Loeffler Randall.

These ankle strap pumps offer the perfect combination of comfort, style, and practicality. The pumps feature an all-velvet upper, with a chunky 3.75-inch heel, leather sole, and classy ankle straps.

Contrary to what you might think, the block heel is actually very comfortable for walking, dancing, and carousing around town. The heels themselves are also encased in a rust-colored velvet fabric.

So, if you’re dead set on wearing heels to end the New Year in style but don’t want to mutilate your feet, the Loeffler Randall pumps are a good option.

 New year eve party

In addition to the supportive heel, the ankle straps will also help you keep you stable on your feet. Plus, the loop of rust velvet with a circular, metal buckle simply looks stunning.

Moreover, the close-toe design will keep your toes warm throughout the night. Plus, the pointed toe design radiates chic, modern, and elegant aesthetics.

While the upper is made from a mixture of polyester and velvet, the sole is completely leather. For a night of being on your feet, this feature adds comfort, breathability, and support to this luxurious New Year’s footwear.



3.  Vionic Kamryn Waterproof Boot

 Vionic Kamryn Waterproof Boot


  • Suede upper with the option of waterproof leather
  • Podiatrist-designed cushioned footbed
  • Ample arch support
  • 59-inch heels

Who doesn’t love a good ankle boot for dressing up during the winters? The Kamryn Waterproof Boots by Vionic offer a sleek, chic look to your New Year's fit while keeping your feet warm, cozy, and comfortable.

After an initial break-in period, these boots conform perfectly to the shape of your feet. They’re available in whole and half sizes from size 5 to 11, so you’re bound to find one that fits you perfectly.

Moreover, the boots offer a roomy, medium width for people with a broader forefoot section. Even if you find them too snug the first few times you wear them, the leather will naturally stretch over time.

 Waterproof Boot - Vionic Kamryn

When it comes to comfort, these ankle boots leave little to be desired. The podiatrist-designed, highly-cushioned footbed will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Additionally, the shoes offer excellent arch support, which is otherwise uncommon for heels.

The combination of these features helps relieve flat feet, high arches, bunions, heel spurs, and lower back pain issues.

But the best feature about these perfect for New Year ankle boots is their waterproof and thermal construction. Not only is the leather naturally waterproof and warm, but the seam-seal tape zipper keeps all the moisture out— a perfect solution for a cold and snowy New Year’s.

As for the style and design, these ankle boots are the definition of sleek and vogue. They come in four attractive color options: pewter boa, chocolate leather, black leather, and black with spots. Rest assured, you can style these shoes with virtually any winter outfit.



4.  Vince Camuto Armonda Knee-High Boots

Vince Camuto Armonda Knee-High Boots 


  • Leather material
  • Synthetic sole
  • 15 inches heel
  • Pointed and non-restrictive toe box
  • Comes in two colors: black and sandy brown

Ankle boots are great and all, but they can’t beat the classic look of knee-high boots. Hence, these Vince Camuto Armonda Knee-High Boots are the perfect choice for the biggest celebration of the year.

The Armondo boots offer a unique spin on the classic knee-length boot design. The shaft that rises up to your knee is visibly slouched and ruffled, adding an eye-catching dimension to the boots.

With the combination of leather material, these knee-length boots will keep both your feet and legs warm and toasty. Hence, you can easily pair these shoes with a short dress without turning your limbs into popsicles.

Speaking of the leather material, the shoes are naturally waterproof and weatherproof. The leather itself is of extremely high quality, which justifies the high price point. Moreover, the material is extremely durable and can withstand those unexpected but totally inevitable spills.

In terms of overall durability, the shoes are extremely long-lasting. Specifically, the stitched soles offer superior resistance to wear and tear, as opposed to soles that use an adhesive. Rest assured, these boots will last you for multiple New Year’s celebrations.



5.  Nine West Babee Slingback Pointy Flats

 Nine West Babee Slingback Pointy Flats


  • Faux-leather outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Sling-back ankle straps
  • Come in three colors: white, black, and light natural

Let’s face it: when it comes to comfort, flats wipe the floor with their heeled competition. With that in mind, the final New Year Shoes on our list are the Babee Slingback Pointy Flats by Nine West.

These chic slip-ons, sling-back flats will offer you full-night comfort. The slip-on design makes it easier to put on and take off. At the same time, the sling-back ankle strap makes sure the shoes don’t come off while you’re stepping it up on the dance floor.

Both the upper and sole are made of leather, which not only looks classy but also keeps your feet warm and cozy. The toe area features a contrasting metallic design, adding that extra bit of flashiness for New Year’s.

The toebox itself is pointed but isn’t restrictive or uncomfortable. At the same time, the wide midfoot area accommodates broad feet.

Rest assured, you can enjoy a full night of New Year celebrations while sparing your feet.



Tips to Keep Your Feet Comfortable For New Year’s Eve

As we said before, your choice in footwear can make or break your New Year’s celebrations. Hence, it’d do you well to put a little more thought into your shoe options for the night. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Always break in your shoes before wearing them throughout the night, so they stretch out. This means that it’s probably not a good idea to debut those shoes you got as a Christmas present if you haven’t worn them yet.
  • Choose the shoes according to the venue. If you’re going to a casual bash at your friend’s house, stick with sneakers or flats. But if you’re dressing for a more sophisticated, upscale party,
  • Style your outfit around your shoes. Even if this goes against your styling instincts, it’s better to make sure that you choose the right shoes instead of trying to match uncomfortable shoes with your pre-chosen outfit.

 Loom Knit Sneakers

  • Always carry an extra pair of walking shoes and socks with you in case you need to switch. The Loom Waterproof Knit Sneakers are the perfect safety net, offering water and weather resistance, ample cushioning, and excellent arch support.
  • If you must wear heels, opt for chunkier options such as platforms or wedges.


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New Year celebrations are your last hurrah of the year. So, of course, you’ll want to celebrate in style.

But while being fashionable is definitely a huge part of New Year festivities, your overall comfort trumps all. Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds this New Year’s Eve.

Knit sneakers, ballet shoes, flats, pumps, and boots are all viable options; they’re inherently comfortable, and it’s easy to find upscale versions to match your New Year’s fit.

Ring in the New Year with Loom Shoes - Where Style Meets Comfort


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