Adaptive Shoes for Seniors and Disabled to Improve Mobility

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Over time, our bodies tend to get weaker. It is always wise to adapt to these changes and act accordingly. Adaptive shoes play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life if you are a senior or suffer from any medical condition.

Several features make adaptive shoes an ideal choice for elderly and disabled people.

We will briefly discuss the benefits of adaptive shoes and some important factors to consider while buying them. We will also mention the five best adaptive shoes for seniors and disabled to improve mobility.

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What are the Benefits of Adaptive Shoes?

There are numerous benefits of adaptive shoes for seniors. Let's have a look at some of these.

  • Adaptive shoes are slip-proof, thus reducing the risk of falling.
  • These shoes are comfortable to put on and take off, giving the disabled or older people a sense of independence.
  • The wider toes and roomy design allow the feet to breathe without any compression.
  • The sole is explicitly designed with additional padding and cushioning. It helps to soothe the feet without tiring them.


How to Choose a Pair of Adaptive Shoes?

If you are looking to buy adaptive shoes for yourself or your family members, there are a few points to keep in mind. We have compiled a short yet comprehensive list of features to help you choose the right one.

●     Slip-Free

While picking out the pair of adaptive shoes, we would strongly recommend you check if the boots are slip-free. Did you know that a senior's fall is reported in the ER after every 15 minutes on average?

With such shoes, you can reduce a great deal of risk in hurting yourself from a slip.

●     Wider Design

Many adaptive shoes offer a wider design with flexible material. It helps and supports the feet without pressing any soft or sensitive tissues.

You don't need to switch shoes and try different sizes every few days because of swelling. The flexible and more comprehensive design will easily accommodate your feet.

●     Comfortable to Wear - No Laces

It’s difficult for older and disabled people to tie laces. This is why most adaptive shoes come with Velcro design. It allows the senior people or even some disabled people to comfortably put on or take off the shoe without anybody's help.

●     Breathable Material

Whatever your reason is for wearing adaptive shoes, we recommend you never compromise on material quality. The shoes must be breathable, so your feet don't suffocate. An already swollen foot or a deformity can enhance with less air circulation.

●     Supportive Base

This is also equally important to keep your experience comfortable. Look for designs that provide support to heels and toes. With added support, seniors and people with foot issues won’t get foot ache in just a few minutes of walking.

●     Stylish Design

It may not be mandatory to look for style while picking adaptive shoes for seniors or disabled people. However, you must know brands are offering adaptive shoes that provide style and comfort side by side.

Best Five Adaptive Shoes for Seniors and Disabled

Now that you know which factors you should look for while buying adaptive shoes, let’s get to the main part. We have a list of five best adaptive shoes for seniors and disabled people that offer quality material, slip-resistance, support, and broader design.

1- Silverts Extra Wide Antimicrobial Shoes

Silverts Extra Wide Antimicrobial Shoes

Silverts offers a wide variety of adaptive footwear. Their Extra Wide antimicrobial shoes are the top choice for seniors and disabled people because of the user-friendly design and Easy Touch closure.

Its wide opening and Velcro stick-on offer a broad and deep space for anyone to put their feet in with ease. A water-resistant barrier helps keep the feet dry from any accidental spill or splash. It also effectively prevents any infection due to the antimicrobial features.

Moreover, these adaptive shoes are ideal for fragile feet with their more comprehensive design and slip-resistant sole.

2- Olivia Shoes by Propet

 Olivia Shoes by Propet

Buck & Buck offers Olivia shoes by Propet are beautifully designed adaptive shoes. The quilted upper design adds to the style and comfort by providing room for toes.

The flexible upper material easily stretches to adjust according to your feet's requirements while the removable insole provides support and more room.

All in all, Buck & Buck is a reliable name when it comes to adaptable footwear, and Olivia shoes by Propet are no exception to this.

3- JIONS Adjustable Velcro Extra Wide Shoes

 JIONS Adjustable Velcro Extra Wide Shoes

JIONS offers high-quality adaptive shoes for seniors and disabled people. The comprehensive design allows comfort and room for swollen, diabetic, edema, and just older feet.

To help you walk comfortably, the memory foam insole takes all the pressure from your weight and distributes it according to the base.

The upper part consists of interwoven material for added breathability. It helps reduce any moisture or sweat to build up, eliminating the risk of bacterial growth.

Moreover, the additional lining smoothens and softens the edges to reduce friction. You don’t have to worry about blisters and calluses while wearing these shoes.

JIONs also has boots, slippers, and sandals for all seasons. And what’s more, the shoes are affordable, so you get a lot of cool features at less price.

4- LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

 LongBay Men's Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers

Available in closed-toe style, LongBay slippers are another excellent option for people looking for adaptive shoes. The design is pretty basic, but the quality is up to the mark.

These slippers come with soft fleece inner lining to reduce any friction or discomfort. The material also helps in keeping the feet warm.

The Velcro and loop style allows you to wear or remove the shoes without putting much effort. Moreover, you can adjust the strap according to your requirement, which makes these a perfect fit.

Anti-grip rubber sole, memory foam cushioning, and supportive insole relax and support your heels, toes, and arch. The LongBay slippers are ideal for sensitive, diabetic, arthritic, and swollen feet. You also get three colors to choose from.

Loom Shoes


Loom comfortable shoes are one of the best options out there. The brand doesn't specifically have adaptive shoes for seniors or disabled people, but they have all the required features.

The laces are only there to enhance the overall look of shoes. You don’t need to tie them. They are comfortable to wear and easy to take off. While the loom shoes are entirely waterproof, the material is still highly breathable.

Specially designed to add comfort and support to feet, the shoes include padding and cushioning. The lightweight shoes allow you to walk around freely without worrying about foot ache or swollen feet.

Moreover, these shoes have antibacterial properties and moisture control features, thus eliminating bacterial infections.

Final Thoughts

You should never compromise on quality when it comes to your health. We hope our list of the five best adaptive shoes for seniors and disabled people helps you pick the right one.

Even if you’re young and active, you will find shoes from the loom brand and others above really satisfying as they are comfortable to wear. These are not only affordable but also offer great features.

With their lightweight and waterproof design, you can rest assured the walk is not a burden anymore.



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