How to Lace Sneakers? - 5 Cool Ways!

How to Lace Sneakers? - 5 Cool Ways!

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There’s nothing like a pair of brand-new shiny sneakers, right? Until you put them on. Their chafing texture and rock hard blistering exterior instantly reminds us of our good old worn-in sneakers. It’s a tough choice, but we have an excellent idea for you.

You can customize the laces on your old, worn-out sneakers with a fresh, new twist. This will not only give them a trendy look but a unique appeal as well.

We know what you’re thinking. How can we lace our sneakers apart from the basic technique of pulling one side out of the other and finishing up with a bowtie? It can be too boring for creative minds.

Don’t worry! We’ve got some cool ideas that can make even the best sneakers look worth their money. So, without further ado, here’s our guide for how to lace sneakers with a stylish touch.

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How to Lace Sneakers?

Getting to the meat of the matter, here’s a list of creative ways you can use to lace your sneakers.

1.   Cross Lacing

Cross lacing is one of the best and most common ways to style your Nike, Adidas, or Loom sneakers. It’s ideal for running and sports as it keeps the shoe fitted tightly to your feet.


  • Simply pass both ends of the lace through the two bottom eyelets downwards. Make sure to leave equal length on both sides.
  • Then, go up to the second eyelet and pass the left edge through the right one. This creates a cross pattern.
  • Continue the crisscrossing pattern through alternate eyelets until you reach the end, and fasten with a bow tie knot. You’ve successfully cross-laced your sneakers.

2.   Straight Lacing

If you want to give your sneakers a neat and smart look, lacing them up with the straight lacing technique is the ultimate choice. This style commonly suits dress shoes or oxford shoes, but if you do it correctly, you can achieve the same look with your sneakers as well.

  • Start by pulling both ends of your laces downwards through the bottom eyelets.
  • Now, run your laces from eyelet to eyelet, creating a zigzag pattern on the inside, while exposing a neat, straight exterior. The zigzag pattern beneath the straight lines gives your shoes a secure, tight fit.
  • Fasten the ends with a knot and get ready to roll.

3.   Over-Under Lacing

Over-under lacing works great on trainers or sports shoes, but if you try them on your sneakers, you can revamp their look and make them versatile.

  • For this, you start the same way as you would while cross lacing.
  • Instead of going through the next set of eyelets from the top, go through the bottom.
  • After that, take your lace under again and repeat the pattern alternatively until you complete the task.

4.   Straight Bar Lacing

For the ones who like their sneakers neat and tidy, straight bar lacing is the ideal method. It looks similar to European style straight lacing but does not have a criss-cross pattern running beneath. Instead, the access lace goes under the lace guard on either side so that you can tighten the shoes quickly.

The method is quite simple:

  • Insert both laces downwards and have them run straight from eyelet to eyelet horizontally.

  • Cross the lace over to the opposite sides to create straight bars and continue doing so until you’re done.

5.   Commando Lacing

As the name suggests, this is a military-inspired lacing style best for disciplined individuals who are always on the go. This lacing technique makes the shoe easy to slip on with hassle-free fastening.

  • In this technique, you’ll have to tie one end of your lace permanently to the bottom of the first eyelet.

  • After that, you’ll gradually take the untied end and run it through the next opposite eyelet.

  • Now, pass it through the eyelet above it and cross it down again into the opposite eyelet, creating an S-shaped pattern.

Continue this to create the pattern on the front of your shoe. In the end, you’ll be left with one end, which you can use to tie a slip knot when you need to go out.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Lacing Sneakers

Nothing good ever gets done without applying skilled effort and correct technique. That’s why, before we list the ways to lace your shoes, you’ll need to know which boxes to check off to get started.

●     Even Out Both Ends

Whether you own a Nike Air Force or a Loom Footwear pair, it won’t look good if you lace it with uneven edges. To start lacing, you’ll need to get both the ends equally together for a balanced, symmetrical pattern in the end.


To ensure this, simply pull out the lace through the first set of eyelets and hold them up high. If the edges don’t match each other, tug on either end of the lace until they do.

●     Pick the Right Length

In case you’re buying new laces for your shoes, make sure to check the length of your old, original laces. A smaller or larger lace will ruin the entire lacing session.

Therefore, to make sure your old shoes fit well and look good after lacing, get the laces that are equal to the original ones. 

●     Get the Ideal Width

Whether you’re in love with fat laces with messages scribbled over them, or you drool over thin, supple ones, the width depends on your choice.

However, you should consider the purpose of your sneakers so that the laces don’t look inappropriate. Also, check the eyelets on your shoes and check if the laces fit comfortably through it without folding or twisting excessively.

●     Assess the Material

Yes, when buying new laces for your sneakers, make sure they’re made out of the right materials that fit your needs.

For example, if you regularly trek through damp, marshy areas, you should get waxed laces for your sneakers. Similarly, you can choose from durable materials such as cord, cotton, or even nylon for casual wear.

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Final Words

Whether you use sneakers from Adidas, Nike, or Loom Footwear, they’re easily the most important clothing article in your wardrobe. Learning to lace them properly not only makes them look trendy and stylish but increases their comfort level as well.

Besides that, if you have kids using the same shoes, you can use these techniques and lace up their sneakers differently to tell them apart. Similarly, if you frequently visit crowded places, these unique lacing techniques can help you spot your shoes amidst other similar pairs easily.

If you think these benefits are appealing and want to give creative sneaker lacing a try, our guide will surely help you complete the task.

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