Shoe Trends 2021: Popular Sneakers Perfect For Your Street Style

Shoe Trends 2021: Popular Sneakers Perfect For Your Street Style

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Are you tired of wearing oversized Victorian sleeves? Or do you want to get out that faux leather jumpsuit, like right now? Or maybe, get yourself a lightweight flexible shoes?  Luckily, 2021 is here with a whole new set of super refreshing trends for your senses!

To help you update your wardrobe for this year, we came up with a few highlights from all four major fashion weeks from London, New York, Milan, and Paris.

Moreover, we have outlined some details on some popular sneaker trends that will help you rock your street style this year, like never before. Keep reading!  

What's in for 2021?

Here is a list of some of the hottest trends in 2021 that you certainly don't want to miss out on.

  • Black face masks (because they make you look so sleek)
  • Yellow, especially butter-yellow bags
  • Black, gray, universal khaki, shiny white, shades of blue and sorbet pastel tones
  • Elevated loungewear, Bermuda shorts, and looser silhouettes for suits, especially blazers
  • Feather details and sheer dresses
  • Long and collar necklaces, shoulder-grazing earrings with pearls, chains, talismans, and silver details.
  • Strappy sandals, square toes, ankle straps, leather lace-ups, and the comfort of SNEAKERS!


Top 9 Trendy Sneakers: Fashion forecast 2021

Sneakers have made their way into haute couture as well, and this year, they have taken over the rest of the shoe trends. They look cute with almost any outfit you wear and help to amp up your street style.

Here, we have put down the top nine sneakers trends that will have a strong impact in 2021. Along with this, we have enlisted the most popular sneakers that are making a statement this year.

High-Top - Nike Blazer Mid '77 Sneaker

You can imagine the power of sleek high-top sneakers when paired with a short skirt or a cute dress. The combination of slender feminine legs and sneakers that sit above the ankle makes you look super attractive.

 Nike Blazer Mid 77 Sneaker

White, black, pale pink, and gray-colored high-tops are trending, especially those that don't have any unnecessary decor. The best pick among the rest is this white high cross Blazer Mid '77 by Nike, for women.

It has a patterned insole for a feminine touch and a herringbone solid rubber outsole for giving you a combo of vintage looks and excellent grip.

What makes these sneakers look classy is their suede and synthetic leather details with stitched overlays on the upper. Also, the exposed needlework and the Swoosh design add to the retro look.

Moreover, these black waterproof sneakers have padded collars along the mid-top to provide you with an ample amount of comfort and support during walking. Priced at $110, this sneaker is a must-have for your closet this year.

Luxury Labels -  VB Dual Court II Shoes

Recently, there has been a surge of designer collaborations in the footwear industry. But this year particularly, they took the front row in the sneaker section.

 VB Dual Court II Shoes

Several luxe labels appeared on the fashion week runway, but we loved the VB Dual Court II shoes the most. These court-inspired leather sneakers are made with Reebok's collaboration with the top British designer, Victoria Beckham.

It has eye-catching piping accents that make these sporty sneakers look super chic. Leather uppers make them a practical choice for both cold and hot seasons and add to these sneakers' durability.

The EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate, a rubber-like material that provides excellent cushioning) midsole makes these shoes super light and comfy, so they are ideal for everyday wear.

Furthermore, the rubber cupsole (outsole made with one piece of rubber only) provides a high level of grip while making the sneaker feel airy at the same time.

Priced at $200, this pair of sneakers is the go-to footwear for your gym classes.

Dad Sneakers - Balenciaga Triple S

Bold is beautiful, right? That's the vision of Balenciaga, a high-end label in the fashion industry. They have brought dad sneakers, aka chunky sneakers, to everyone's attention, through their Triple S sneaker model.


Although dad sneakers are also called ugly sneakers, they will be the trendiest footwear in 2021. It has a tricky three-layered outsole with 12 fabric eyelets for lacing.

Triple S has a combination upper, with 60% polyester, 25% calfskin, and 15% lambskin. Pull tabs on the tongue and back make them easy to wear, while the bicolor laces add to the bold aesthetics of this sneaker.

Balenciaga got one step ahead by adding embroidered shoe size at the edge of the shoe's toe. They also put an embroidered label on the side and embossed a logo at the back, on the sole.

You can get these chunky sneakers at $975 and make them the center of attention by pairing them with baggy jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Shearling Details - SeaVees Gallery Sneaker

Do you like to stay cozy all the time? That's possible this new year. Sneakers with fuzzy insoles and shearling details are becoming popular, which gives you the feel of your comfy carpet slipper.

 SeaVees Gallery Sneaker

We fell in love with this Gallery sneaker featuring a tan vegan faux shearling upper, SeaVees’ most classic product.

This blonde model was created by taking inspiration from Los Angeles art-galleries that were owned by women only in the early 1960s.

The Gallery sneaker is suitable for cold seasons, but the secret cooling system with perforations for air circulation makes these sneakers ideal for summer too.

The organic cotton canvas linings add breathability and contoured footbeds provide comfort. The extra heel-cushion in the midsole prevents foot ache that makes these shoes ideal for everyday use.

Above all, its rubber outsole (which is made of natural material) provides a bouncy ''power grip'', so you can trust these sneakers wherever you walk.

Priced at only $98, these sneakers look great when paired with loose jeans, a white tank top, and a trendy pink boyfriend jacket.

Waterproof Sneakers - Loom Footwear

Designers are focusing on comfort and novelty this year, so waterproof sneakers have come into view to rule the fashion industry.

 Loom Flexible shoes

Waterproof sneakers combine functionality, comfort, and style, which is precisely what Loom footwear does. Loom water and windproof sneakers are a stylish must-have that you need to add to your wardrobe this year.

These black waterproof sneakers have Merino wool in their construction, which makes them breathable, stretchy, and highly durable. Podiatrists designed its shock-absorbing excelcast rubber outsoles, which provide a better grip as you walk.

And, the EVA midsoles and footbeds offer cushioning to your feet for maximum comfort. Moreover, its 3D mesh linings use cosmo technology, which makes the Loom sneaker 100% waterproof.

So, get yourself a pair from Loom at $99, where it is available in two trendy colors, black and white.

To create a look that will take your street style to the next level, pair them with Bermuda shorts or cropped pants and a neutral-toned blouse. Add a strong-shouldered blazer on top to complete the look.

Color-Blocked Sneakers - Gucci Tennis 1977 Sneaker

Since all black and white dresses are trending this year, you can add a lift to your attire with color-blocked sneakers.

 Gucci Tennis 1977 Sneaker

These rainbow-colored shoes not only add a refreshing touch to monochromatic outfits but also let you make a statement when worn with neutral shades.

Gucci has put forth the best colorful sneakers that took the 2021 fashion week by storm. Out of them, we adored the Tennis 1977 sneaker by Gucci, which is constructed using a white mini GG jacquard fabric.

The use of textile in its upper and linings makes it breathable, whereas the green and red web on the sides elevates the white color.

These lightweight flexible shoes are manufactured in Italy with vegan materials. Moreover, the textured GG motif in the synthetic rubber soles makes them distinctive.

With Gucci Tennis 1977 labels on the tongue and insoles, these sneakers add luxury to your look, no matter what you pair them with.

Priced at $630, this Gucci colorful model needs to make its way to your wardrobe on an urgent basis.

Attention On the Soles - Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Shoes

The latest trend in the sneaker world is paying attention to the soles. So far, Adidas and Nike have put forth such models, but the Ultra Boost DNA number by Adidas is the most fashionable footwear to don in 2021.

 Adidas Ultra Boost DNA Shoes

It has an Adidas primeknit textile upper that fits your feet, pretty much as socks do. It keeps your feet free from moisture, keeping them feeling fresh at the end of the day.

Its outsole is printed and is made with Continental™ rubber that is so durable; that these sneakers will last longer than you will ever expect.

Another attractive feature is its full-length boost cushioning, which provides you with a comfort level during walking, like no other. It is available in green, black, and earth tones and holds a price tag of $200.

They go well with plain cropped pants and printed T-shirts, or you can match them with your gyming clothes.

All Suede - New Balance 574 Core

We have known leather bags, leather jumpsuits, leather boots in 2020, but now leather (suede) sneakers are making their way into 2021. Among all, the 574 Core by New Balance is a popular model.

 New Balance 574 Core

It has a 100% pure suede and mesh upper, where the logo of New Balance is embroidered on both sides. The addition of mesh lining helps to wick away moisture from your feet and prevent the accumulation of odor.

Its ENCAP® (a soft EVA core for cushioning surrounded by a tough polyurethane rim for better support and wear-resistance) midsole provides the maximum level of stability to your feet.

It also increases the longevity of these shoes at the same time. Moreover, the removable EVA insole also boosts the comfort level offered by these sneakers.

With a price of $80, the New Balance 574 comes with the promise of providing all-day comfort without compromising your style.

They can go with almost any outfit you wear, but you can look like a diva if you pair them with baggy jeans and a crop top.

Tie and Dye Sneakers - Merrell Alpine Tie Dye

Tired of wearing ties and dye sweatshirts? It's time to clear your closet of those and add in tie and dye sneakers instead. This is a major trend for 2021 that will enable you to rock a much bolder look.

 Merrell Alpine Tie Dye

Like always, Merrell has beaten the rest in creating this iconic model of Alpine Tie Dye Suede Sneaker.

You are bound to fall in love with this specific sneaker, as it comes with the stamp of unbeatable comfort that is the hallmark of all Merrell shoes.

It has a removable EVA foam insole that provides cushioning and an EVA midsole to double the benefits! The upper has suede in its construction, and the linings are in mesh.

Priced at $63, these affordable sneakers will bring life to all your black, white, and neutral-toned clothes.

 100% waterproof shoes

The Bottom Line

The sneaker trends of 2021 focus on bold cuts, inspirational designs, and comfort. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re into basic sneakers or those go big or go home designs.

So that rounds up our list of the trendiest sneakers for 2021. So which sneaker did you like the most?

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