Sneaker Culture: Vegan Sneakers Are the Hottest Trend in 2020!

Sneaker Culture: Vegan Sneakers Are the Hottest Trend in 2020!

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Sneakers are an essential part of any wardrobe. While regular sneakers have long been a favorite of every footwear enthusiast, vegan sneakers are the new black of 2020. 

From the notable athletic brands like Nike Loom Footwear, vegan shoes and animal cruelty free shoes have taken the sneaker culture by fire. There are dozens of vegan sneaker brands, so you don't have to compromise on style anymore. 

Want to know more about the future of footwear? Keep reading to find out why vegan sneakers are the hottest trend in 2020.


Vegan Sneakers Breakdown

When it comes to vegan shoes, there are plenty of options in the market today. They open a whole new world of sneakers for the footwear enthusiasts and redefine what “vegan shoes” mean. 

You can now find various alternatives to leather and fur, with the rising demand for synthetic materials for eco-friendly shoes. However, if a sneaker does not have animal leather, it might still have animal-derived products like glue or fibers. 

If we break down vegan sneakers for you, they mean no animal-derived products at all. It means nothing with animal-derived fur, leather, wool, beeswax proofing, and even glue. 

Now, many major athletic brands are rivaling to join the booming market of plant-based sneakers.

Why Choose Vegan Sneakers?

In 2019, vegan food became trendy in the fast-food industry. Experts suspect that the next trend to follow will be sustainable vegan shoes. 

According to the US Department of the Interior, the US population disposes of about 300 million pairs of shoes each year. In 2017, these shoes, combined with thrown clothes, made up around 8.9 million of the total 50.7 million tons of trash that ended up in landfills. 

Most of the shoes that people throw away contain non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, leather, and petroleum-based rubber. CNN Business revealed that these materials take anywhere around 25 to 80 years to decompose on their own. 

Not to forget the killing of hundreds of animal lives that go into making these non-vegan consumer products. 

The global market reached about $64.3 billion, and it's not slowing down. A study by NPD showed that about 35% of the people who responded were willing to pay more for vegan shoes.

Vegan Sneakers Culture

The global market of athletic footwear is expected to reach $114.8 billion by 2025, which is an insanely huge increase in demand. It's also because the Peta-approved vegan logo has made it easier to spot vegan shoes at a single glance. 

Due to the major environmental issues and conscious consumers, more brands are turning towards sustainable footwear. The market is filled with eco-friendly consumer goods, and the companies are becoming more conscious of the materials they are using. 

The sneakers by famous rappers like Kanye West and Drake with big companies are firing up the vegan shoe trend that is not going any time soon. 

In August 2019, many leading companies, including Nike, Adidas, and Puma, joined the G7 Fashion Pact at the annual G7 Summit. At the time, no one knew if people will choose the vegan versions of their much-loved sneakers. 

Fortunately, vegan shoes have managed to become the hottest trend in 2020.

●     Nike

Nike has been producing vegan athletic shoes for a while now. They say that sustainability has always been the core of their business. The brand has managed to make 61% of its total revenue from footwear and is compelled to change the way it makes shoes.

 Nike vegan shoes


In 2019, Nike released a limited edition of 100% organic custom Nike Air Max 90. The brand partnered with an eco-friendly UK streetwear company, Maharishi, to create its own vegan shoes for $150 a pair. 

The shoes have been resold on second-hand retail prices going as up as $1,446 for each pair. 

●     Adidas

On the other hand, Adidas released vegan versions of two of its iconic shoes, Samba and Continental 80. These shoes were part of the "Our Icons Go Vegans" range.


They look and feel the same as the original versions. However, they consist of recycled polyester rather than animal-derived products. 

The Continental 80 has an algae-based EVA foam in the midsole that helps clean about 30 liters of polluted water during its production. Both of the vegan versions have "Adidas Originals Vegan." embossed on them.

●     Loom animal cruelty-free Sneakers

Other eco-conscious brands like Loom Footwear have gained popularity in the footwear industry with their animal cruelty-free collections. Nothing beats the style and comfort of Loom sneakers that keep your feet fresh all the time, in every weather.


Loom sneakers have caught a lot of attention due to their sleek and lightweight design. 

What’s another good thing? They can keep your feet dry even if you step into the water. That's due to their moisture-wicking technology that puts the sneakers among the most advanced earth friendly sneakers in the market. 

They also feature soft cushioning inside with 100% waterproof breathable material on top for maximum protection. You can walk miles without feeling any discomfort or moisture inside the shoe. 

Loom has been a highlight among other earth friendly sneakers brands this year. Besides, you can't go wrong with a simple pair of sneakers that are city-appropriate, excellent for hiking, and Earth-friendly. 

Wrap up

As the discarded footwear fills up the US landfills, more and more athletic footwear brands are firming their ground in the plant-based sneaker market. 

Newly emerging brands like Loom Footwear are fully dedicated to using 100% animal cruelty-free materials to produce advanced eco-friendly vegan sneakers. Other major brands like Nike and Adidas are also producing vegan shoe lines for conscious consumers. 

Although regular sneakers have developed a cult following, why not go for vegan sneakers? Come to think of it, they are better for the animals, environment, and ourselves, after all.

Olyvia Smith


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