Top 10 Breathable Sneakers for Men & Women!

Top 10 Breathable Sneakers for Men & Women!

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Sweaty feet often lead to unpleasant odors. In addition, it can be very unhealthy as sweaty, moist environments can become briefing grounds for bacteria and can cause fungal infections on your skin.

Don't worry, though. All you need to do is invest in some good breathable sneakers, like Loom, that are extremely comfy and waterproof! Breathable shoes made of moisture-wicking material can allow your feet to stay cool, dry, and odor-free.

We'll be reviewing some of the best men's and women's breathable sneakers. Keep reading to learn about the best breathable shoes and the specific features they offer.

Top 10 Women’s & Men’s Breathable Shoes Review

We've listed details about each shoe with specific features, while stating the pros and cons, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect pair for yourself.


Upper Material

Overall Rating


Loom Waterproof Sneakers

Knit layer



Adidas Ultraboost 19




Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Sneakers




Adidas Ultra Boost x Game Of Thrones Sneakers




Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit 2 Sneakers




Asics Cumulus 22




Mizuno Wave Rider 23




New Balance 8901V7




Saucony Kinvara 11




Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneakers





1- Loom, Waterproof Breathable Sneakers.


If you're looking for a breathable pair of sneakers but also waterproof, you can't go wrong with Loom Waterproof Sneakers. The construction and features of this pair make them one of the best men's and women's breathable shoes.

The material of the upper is moisture-wicking, which means that your shoes and feet will both remain dry no matter how long your run is.

Secondly, the material has antibacterial properties. What this essentially means is that it removes all the bacteria from your sweat that is responsible for producing odor. Your feet will remain fresh and odor-free throughout your run.

Thirdly, the material is very breathable. It allows moisture to be absorbed and released to and from the air. With these shoes, you can say goodbye to the discomfort of feeling moist or sweaty feet.


  • Waterproof
  • The material of the upper has antibacterial properties, which removes bad odor
  • Upper is breathable and flexible
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good value for money


  • Only two colors 

2- Adidas Ultraboost 19


If you're looking for comfortable shoes that work as daily wear, then the Adidas Ultraboost 19 is a good option. Whether you want casual shoes or running shoes, these shoes offer breathability and comfort.

Moreover, they’re available for both men and women.

The design of the upper provides you with a custom fit allowing the shoes to move in sync with your feet. This is thanks to the Primeknit 360 material of the upper, which is quite flexible.

This material not only allows ventilation, but it is also moisture-wicking. During your runs, your feet will be cool and moisture-free.

Besides, the construction of the shoe ensures your feet are settled into the pair comfortably. The shoe also features the Boost midsole, which absorbs and disperses shock, protecting your feet from impact.


  • Custom-fit design
  • Primeknit upper allows breathability and flexibility
  • Boost Midsole absorbs shock


  • Expensive

3- Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Sneakers


When it comes to footwear and sportswear, Nike is a well-known name. You won't be surprised to hear that Nike offers some of the best women's and men's breathable sneakers. Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Sneakers are proof of this.

Once you've broken into this pair, you can enjoy long and steady running sessions. Not only are these shoes lightweight, but they also have a snug fit. Both features allow you to move swiftly on your feet.

The Flyknit upper makes these shoes breathable and flexible. In addition, the carbon-fiber plate, which is integrated into the midsole helps you maneuver and run steadily.

Besides, this pair is available in 13 different colors. With the Flyknit, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort - you can easily get the best of both worlds. Furthermore, these shoes are also quite budget-friendly, making them a really good option.


  • Flyknit upper is breathable and flexible
  • The carbon-fiber plate allows steady running
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 13 different color options


  • Are a little stiff initially

4- Adidas Ultra Boost x Game Of Thrones Sneakers


Inspired by the hit TV show, the Adidas Ultra Boost x Game Of Thrones Sneakers are versatile, robust, and lightweight. This pair share quite a few features with the Ultraboost 19, minus the additional GOT inspired look.

In addition, these women’s and men’s breathable shoes are available in six limited-edition design options, each inspired by the noble families and warring factions present in Game of Thrones. If you're a fan of the series, you'll be surprised to see that house colors and mottos inspire the designs and details on each.

Similar to the earlier Ultraboost model, the boost midsole provides users with more flexibility and makes these shoes more responsive. Moreover, it also provides extra bounce and cushioning.

The primeknit upper allows for breathability and comfort. Also, the rubber sole combined with the midfoot cage and heel cup ensures your foot is comfortably settled inside the shoes as you run.


  • Available in six design options inspired by GOT
  • Boost midsole provides flexibility
  • Primeknit upper allows for breathability and comfort


  • Expensive
  • The house tag on the heel looks a bit tacky

5- Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit 2 Sneakers

 Asics Gel Quantum 360 Knit 2

If comfort is your priority when looking for running shoes, then Asics offers a great selection of men’s and women’s breathable shoes. The Gel Quantum 360 Knit 2 Sneakers being one their most well-known models.

The Fluidfit upper combined with the Ortholite lasting and the Ortholite X-40 sockliner make this pair breathable and flexible.

The Fluidfit upper uses multidirectional stretch mesh with stretch reinforcements that allow the shoe to fit snugly onto your foot. The Ortholite lasting provides plush underfoot comfort, manages moisture, and allows ventilation.

The Ortholite sockliner also has rebound properties, which also help with moisture management and breathability. Furthermore, the rearfoot and forefoot gel technology is shock absorbent and allows runners to maneuver and transition more smoothly.

Thanks to the trusstic system technology, which makes the shoe robust while reducing weight from the sole, these shoes are super lightweight.


  • Fluidfit upper allows a snug fit
  • Ortholite lasting and sockliner provide moisture management and breathability
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology is shock absorbent


  • You can only use these sneakers for short runs

6- ASICS Cumulus 22

 ASICS Cumulus 22

ASICS Cumulus 22 men’s breathable shoes are on our list because of the mesh upper that has in-built ventilation pores that ensure continuous airflow.

Usually, you would see the lack of inner sleeves as a negative feature. However, as breathability is the main concern here, this becomes a positive thing. The lack of additional layering allows more ventilation.

The rearfoot and forefoot gel technology not only absorbs shocks but also allows for smooth transitions. In addition, the FlyteFoam Propel technology gives you an additional bounce.

Moreover, the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) outsole is exceptionally durable. If maintained properly, this pair will definitely last you a long time.

If you're picky about style, you can choose from a wide variety of color options depending on whichever appeals to you the most.


  • Mesh upper allows airflow
  • Lack of inner sleeve adds to the breathability
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology absorbs shocks
  • Durable outsoles


  • Expensive

7- Mizuno Wave Rider 23

 Mizuno Wave Rider 23

The Mizuno Wave Rider 23 sneakers come with non-knit uppers that ensure breathability.

In addition, the spacious forefoot combined with the engineered mesh with ventilation holes allows ample airflow, keeping your feet fresh.

The Mizuno wave plate not only allows your feet to remain stable as you run but also provides cushioning and comfort. The U4ic midsole reduces the impact of shocks and makes these shoes extremely durable.

Also, the carbon rubber outsole is durable, allowing this pair to last you a long time.

The Smoothride technology allows smooth transitions from heel to toe as you run. These men’s and women's breathable sneakers are available in a few different colors, so you can pick whichever suits your style the most.


  • Non-knit uppers ensure breathability
  • Mizuno wave plate allows stability, comfort and cushioning
  • Durable carbon rubber outsole


  • Might cause discomfort when worn for long periods

8- New Balance 890V7

 New Balance 890V7

If you want responsive lightweight shoes, then the New Balance 8901V7 sneakers will not disappoint. The high-rebound FuelCell midsole provides responsive cushioning, making these shows great for running long miles.

The mesh upper is the highlight of these women’s and men's breathable sneakers. Not only does it allow air to follow easily but it also gives your feet lightweight support.

In addition, the upper combined with the re-engineered tongue ensures your feet have a snug yet comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the REVlite outsole is lightweight, so while running the weight of the shoes will not hold you back. The outsole also provides a snappy, fast feeling allowing you to speed through the track as you run.


  • FuelCell midsole provides responsive cushioning
  • Upper is breathable and comfortable
  • Outsole is lightweight


  • A bit bulky looking

9- Saucony Kinvara 11

 Saucony Kinvara 11

Last up on our list are the Saucony Kinvara 11 sneakers. Known for being quite lightweight, you will not be disappointed with this pair. The PWRRUN cushioning not only adds comfort but also makes these shoes really responsive.

In addition, the Formfit technology ensures your foot is settled comfortably into the shoes and that you do not feel any sort of discomfort.

Training on the track will become easter thanks to the flexible sole, which allows you to make quick transitions from take-off to landing.

These women’s and men's breathable sneakers are also available in multiple color options so you can select whichever suits your style preferences the most.


  • PWRRUN cushioning adds comfort
  • Formfit technology ensures a snug fit
  • Lightweight and responsive


  • A bit too much padding

10- Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneaker


If you're looking for a stylish pair of sneakers that can go with any outfit, then you might want to give the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High-Top Sneakers a look. Not only are these a great style option, but they are also quite comfortable.

The upper of these converse allows air to flow easily, so you can wear this pair for longer periods without worrying about sweaty and sticky feet. As canvas is a thin material, it works well in all types of environments.

In addition to these features, if you’re looking for affordable women's and men's breathable shoes then this pair might fit your budget requirement. You really can't go wrong with these cool, laid back converse.


  • Laidback style
  • Thin canvas material allows airflow
  • Low price tag


  • The fit of these shoes is narrow


No matter the weather, having running shoes that are breathable and comfortable is super important. This saves you the hassle of dealing with smelly shoes while keeping your feet healthy.

In our list of best men's and women's breathable sneakers, we highlighted all the pros and cons of each model, making it easier for you to come to a decision. We hope this review helped you find the perfect pair of breathable sneakers for yourself.

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