Top 5 Comfortable Work Shoes to Go With Every Outfit

Top 5 Comfortable Work Shoes to Go With Every Outfit

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Coming back home with sore feet after a long day at work is one of the worst things we face as adults. No amount of soaking feet in warm water or applying lotions seems to work either.

The only solution is to invest in a comfortable pair of shoes, the ones that hug your feet in a gentle and loving way.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 5 most comfortable work shoes that will leave your feet happy and relaxed at the end of the day. So if you're tired of having aching toes and heels, read on!

100% Waterproof Shoes

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Loom Waterproof Sneakers

These stylish sneakers by Loom top our list as the most comfortable shoes for work. If you walk your way to work or have a standing job, these sneakers will be your best friends.

 Loom Flexible shoes

You will no longer have aching feet or blisters with this pair, thanks to its Merino wool linings. The soles of Loom sneakers have a design that minimizes foot pressure as you walk, providing a cushioning effect to your feet at the same time.

Moreover, these waterproof casual shoes have a breathable upper that wicks away moisture. So, after wearing them for hours, you never have to expect a sweaty, stinky feet situation at the end of the day.

With Loom, you can climb stairs and stride confidently on office floors because its slip-resistant rubber outsole provides your feet with an excellent grip.

Pair them with tailored pants or don suit separates to make these beyond comfortable shoes desk appropriate.

Vionic Logan Bootie

Vionic excels at making comfortable shoes that are designed by podiatrists and carry the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) seal of acceptance.

 Vionic Logan Bootie

Their ankle-high Logan bootie is a perfect option for work, which allows you to appear trendy without hurting your feet.

Its removable orthotic, microfiber-lined EVA( rubber-like plastic with high heat and cold resistance) footbed provides you with all-day comfort. These boots have uppers made of premium leather, which makes them pretty durable.

The zipper on the inner side makes it easy to get in and out of these boots, whereas the double buckles further assist in adjustment.

These booties go with all outfits, but if you pair them with a pencil skirt or a dress, you are bound to turn heads at your workplace.

Everlane' The Day Heel'

Want to feel like a boss at work? Wear heels. But aren't heels uncomfy? Not the case with Everlane's famous 'The Day Heel,' that is worth the hype.

 Everlane The Day Heel

Made with 100% pure Italian leather, this pair of pumps feature an innovative design that keeps your feet strain-free for hours. It's elasticized back fits around the back of your foot's heel in a comfortable yet secure manner.

What makes them attractive are the two-inch block heels that allow you to move around with ease. The toe is rounded, with a high cut vamp that hides your toe cleavage, helping you maintain the professional look.

The extra padding also adds to the comfort, which minimizes pressure, keeping your fingers safe from blisters.

Moreover, the pull tab on the back makes it easy to put these pumps on. Available in eight different shades, 'The Day Heel' is likely to be your go-to footwear for work.

The Row Grace Shoe

What's better than wearing a pair of shoes to work that was designed by a celebrity?

The row was founded in 2006 by Mary Kate Olsen and her twin Ashley Olsen, the two names you might be already familiar with.

 The Row Grace Shoe

They are famous for making luxurious shoes that fit perfectly like this Grace shoe, a slip-on loafer that is super comfortable and gives you a polished look, even if you wear them with jeans.

A product of Italy, these loafers have an upper and internal lining made with lambskin that gives you a buttery smooth feel. The vamp has two notches, with elastic inserts in them, to provide flexibility during walking.

And, the rubber outsole guarantees these loafers' durability while providing you with good traction at the same time. Also, since these loafers have a rounded toe, it prevents a cramped fit, so your feet remain feeling good all day long.

Margaux 'The Demi'

The last on our list is the 'The Demi,' a chic pair of ballet flats by Margaux, that will blend with all your outfits. Ballet flats are personal favorite work footwear for many because of their breathability and walking ease.

 Margaux 'The Demi'

What makes 'The Demi' special, is its 5 mm plush foam insole padding, which provides an incredible cushioning level to your feet.

It is made with Italian Nappa leather, which doubles the comfort level, and the adjustable cord bow across the vamp lets you control the fit. Moreover, the little heel adds support and style to these flats.

With Margaux flats, you get the added benefit of getting your shoes customized according to your taste.

You can select your desired color from their 13 available shades and then choose between a few monograms or a floral pattern to get them hand-painted by their artist.

Get The Right Work Shoe for You - A Buying Guide

With thousands of different styles to choose from, it can become a daunting task to get a work shoe that is right for you. Always look for shoes with good insoles, which help reduce foot pressure and prevent foot blisters.

Here a few tips that you might find useful when purchasing a work shoe:

●     Design

Your shoe's design is the first most important factor to take into consideration. When choosing one for work, steer clear of those with an open back and slide-in design.


These shoes don't provide enough support and require you to grip on the shoes as you walk, as they don't cover your foot completely. This increases foot pressure that leads to painful blisters under your toes.

Always look for shoes with straps or those that have a closed design, so the shoe, not your foot, does the job when you walk.

●     Heels

High heels make you look attractive, but when it comes to work, go for low heels and avoid the ones that are too pointy. Narrow heels don't support your foot’s heel enough, making you prone to embarrassing fall accidents on office floors.

Block heels no longer than two inches are ideal for work, as they add enough height and ensure a comfortable gait.

●     Comfort

Uncomfortable shoes that constantly hurt you is the last thing you want at work. So when purchasing a shoe, look for the insole and midsole details to know if they are meant to provide cushioning or not.

Also, opt for shoes that have arch support that prevents foot ache.

●     Fit

Always look for shoes that let your feet have some space. Shoes with pointy toes can give you bunions, which aren't easy to get rid of.

We highly recommend round or square-toed shoes that let you keep your toe fingers relaxed inside the shoe.

●     Material

There aren't any restrictions here, but it would be best if you choose leather. Leather is the most comfortable shoe material for both outdoor and indoor work environments.


It is also very durable and easy to clean. Plus, leather is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about any spills.


Following are a few answered queries that you may have regarding these shoes:

What is Merino Wool?

Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep in Australia. This wool has temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. It is lightweight but provides a higher level of warmth as compared to other synthetic materials.

Can I Make My Shoes Comfier?

You can always replace the insoles with medical orthotic insoles or over-the-counter supportive insoles to achieve a better cushioning effect while wearing your shoes.

Are Boots Good as Work Shoes?

Yes, they are. Boots support your ankles and the upper part of your feet during walking, which prevents foot aches.

Boots with good arch supports and rubber outsoles are the best options for work because they are more robust.

Can I Buy Vegan Shoes?

Sure. Look for shoes made of polyurethane(PU) leather and those that use rubber in their construction. Moreover, you can also opt for shoes that have Gore- Tex fabric membranes in their linings.

100% Waterproof Shoes

The Bottom Line

Whether you choose to wear heels, flats, or sneakers, always look for the appropriate design that gives enough support to help you stay on your feet.

Our list has some of the softest and most expertly designed shoes that will keep blisters and pain at bay. It'll be an investment that's worth it.

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