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It’s no secret that these iconic yellow rain boots are great for the rain but do we want to wear them every year? - Nop!
Fortunately, there are heaps of trendy waterproof shoes and sneakers for men and women out there! And I am pumped about telling you what they are! Let’s dive in.


1- Sam Elderman Chelsea Rain Boots

Sam Elderman Chelsea Rain Boots

Featuring deep elastic goring on the sides, the Sam Elderman Chelsea Rain Boots are a luxurious mix of comfort and trend. These come with a padded footbed and a rubber outsole.

Also, they don’t compromise on a good grip. A good grip on your feet equals a good grip on your stance equals a good grip in your life. Win-win.

Not recommended for swimming in ponds, but they are very good for rainy days. You can wear them in emergency business meetings or just a casual day of strolling with a forecast of unexpected rain.

Most people review them as their favorite rain boots because they're stylish and lightweight. They can go well with any outfit.

2- Loom, Waterproof Sneaker for Men and Women


When it comes to Loom, nothing beats their comfort and style. Loom waterproof sneakers are specifically designed for a comfortable experience amidst long seasons of rain.

They have four layers for good waterproofing, good breathability, and thermoregulation. The topmost layer is the waterproof layer.

Next comes the 2nd layer with 3D mesh with Cosmo technology, then the third one with 3D mesh soft layer. Between the 3D mesh layers and waterproof layer is a 4-way stretch merino wool.

The overall effects of these layers are great breathability, comfort, and high performance. You need breathability because you don’t want to retain all the moisture from the rain as it can make everyone run away when you take off your shoes.

Loom shoes are lightweight, flexible, slip-resistant, and easy to wash. They’re sneaker-style, durable shoes with all the features you need. What else could you ask for?

3- Leather Heeled Boots

 Teva Women's W Foxy Wp Climbing Shoe

Comfortable shoes that can be easily worn with formal dressing. The Leather Heeled Boots do not allow your feet to fatigue. These boots are perfect, stylish, comfortable, and waterproof, and can handle unexpected weather changes very well.

These come with 100% upper leather for waterproofing and a rubber sole. Soft lining, medial zipper closure, and leather-wrapped midsole are some of the primary features.

Perfect for formal dressing, you can step in the office completely dry after a crazy rain with these.

4- Timberland 6-inch Premium Men’s Boots

 Timberland 6-inch Premium Men’s Boots

Timberlands are mainly focused on the style. The color, the stitching, the lace-up, everything just compliments each other.

To top it all off, they feature a nubuck leather body, a chunky rubber sole, and a heel for great traction. This adds heavily to the style.

5- Ugg Classic Short Boots

Ugg Classic Short Boots 

With a mini wedge heel, these are cute, warm, and comfortable. These are made with a profile that streamlined a heritage style. A sleeker feel, a great shearling lining, and UGGpure footbed keep the feet warm amidst the snow.

These waterproof shoes are made entirely from wool and hence do a great job of keeping your feet warm. The upper is made of leather, while the lining is 100% wool. These feature a pull-on style and are super-comfortable.

6- Hunter Refined Chelsea Rain Boots

Hunter Refined Chelsea Rain Boots 

Now, these are some good rain boots that focus on style and quality. The Chelsea rain boots by Hunter favors both quality and fashion.

The dark synthetic sole shoes come with narrow toes and can be worn with dress pants. You can also wear them while dressing up formally.

The shaft of these shoes measure 6.25 inches from arch, offering you ample protection. On the hand, the boot opening measures around 11 inches, providing enough room to your feet.

7- Thom Browne Derby Boots

 Thom Browne Derby Boots

Perhaps these shoes define how a rain boot must be. The shoe comes with a thick stacked heel and thick sole to protect your feet from heavy rain. Made of leather grain, their material defines their waterproofing ability.

Yes, they're quite pricey. True, but these shoes offer you premium value for the money you pay.

You can wear them with almost anything: formal or informal. Also, they are not just great for rain, you can also wear them on the beaches if you want.

They’re made of expensive material, like high-quality leather. Simply put, these shoes do not compromise on high performance and durability. You can expect these shows to maintain standard even if you go swimming with them in the ocean.


8- Carhartt Men’s 6-inch Plain Lug Boots

 Carhartt Men’s 6-inch Plain Lug Boots

Made from the oil-tanned leather, these Carhartt shoes are fit for everyday use. They not only provide great water resistance but are also quite breathable. Hence, the breathability combined with waterproofing ensures your feet stay dry, not just from outside, but from the inside too.

The insole is a polyurethane cushion while the outsole features Rubber with Goodyear welt construction. This outsole helps in great gripping irrespective of the terrain.

The lightweight midsole helps reduce foot fatigue. They also feature a plain rounded soft toe perfect for everyday use.

9- Hunter Women’s Penny Loafers

Hunter Women’s Penny Loafers 

Let’s be honest here. Nothing beats Hunter loafers when it comes to comfort and trend.

The slip-on style shoes, perfect for almost nothing, from business to casual, are made of natural rubber.

The design does not feel as if they are waterproof shoes. That's where it becomes interesting. Although it does not seem to be waterproof, it actually is.

Hunter claims these boots are handcrafted. The footbed is molded, which matches the curves and arches of your foot, giving a comfortable experience. The rubber outsole enhances great grip and anti-slip design, while the cotton lining enhances breathability.

What's more? They are 'certified vegan' and feature a slim fit. Something that's perfect for everyday fashion and can go with almost any type of outfit.

It’s not a loafer unless it features a traditional loafer detailing on the upper part, right? Good for us, it does come with a traditional loafer detailing on the upper, completing the stunning look.

10- Camper Pix Oxfords

Camper Pix Oxfords 

Oxfords have been an all-time favorite by many shoe-lovers. These come with front lace closure and a padded tongue. The rubberized matte leather is what makes these shoes waterproof.

These waterproof shoes come with elevated heels and toe caps. They're not just for style, the functionality thanks to the heels is just sky-high.

Toe caps and elevated heels, in combination with small front lace closure, make a quite unique blend. However, unique Is what makes them interesting.

To top it all of, they have an embroidered logo at the bottom. How cool is that? Just put them on with some high waist jeans and win the day.

11- Swedish Hasbeens Hippie Low Clogs

 Swedish Hasbeens Hippie Low Clogs

Ever looked for waterproof shoes for women that are extremely stylish and functional at the same time? Look no further; the Swedish hippie low clogs are the best.

The long upper, high heels, thick leather, and the traditional limewood sole, it all just came together so perfectly. Look at the amazing transition; a sole of rubber, a midsole of wood, and an upper of leather, how cool can it get?

Put these on with some bright red lipstick and classy shades, and you're good to go.

These are best for colder months of the year and are fit for any terrain. Also, the wood midsole does not compromise on comfort at all. Of all these shoes yet discussed, these might be the most fashionable of all.

12- Over the Knee Waterproof Boots

 Ethos Over the Knee Waterproof Stretch Boot

Over the Knee boots truly satisfy the dedication of waterproof boots. As the name suggests, these go well over your knees.

These feature stretchy, ruffle memory foam footbeds that match the arches and curves of your shoes. Hence, giving an overall comfortable experience.

The rubber sole features a synthetic lining, while the upper is made of leather. Jump directly into freezing ponds, and you’ll come out dry.

Also, these boots feature a pull-on style so you can adjust the length you want. As the delicate ruffles ripple down one side, you can imagine how stylish they can get, especially when worn with a beautiful pink dress.

Fashionable, stylish, comfortable, and waterproof. Head out in style and come back completely dry after a storm.

13- Sparkling heeled Leather Boots

 Jambu Women's Amal Water Resistant Ankle Bootie

The first thing you’ll notice in these is the stripped style back. And it’s probably what others will notice too.

These waterproof shoes for women feature traction on the bottom, which makes them winter-friendly. So you know, you don't step on a piece of unseen ice, slip, and embarrass yourself. Even more, they don't lose their traction very soon.

Made of 100% grain leather and rubber sole, they also feature memory foam to offer an overall mix of style, comfort, and fashion. The shape is classic with modern details, which makes this shoe classy.

14- Insulated Waterproof Combat Boots

 Surrey II Waterproof Boot

Stylish, functional, and water-resistant, these boots combat water very well, inside and out.

A waterproof finish and warm insulation enhance its comfort and functionality. Close-toe, block heel, and lace-up style shoes ensure that you don't look outdated on the streets.

The insole features removable memory foam. The leather and textile upper along with a rubber sole enhance a confident grip.

These waterproof shoes for men go well with almost any kind of outfit. When with jeans, make sure they tuck neatly inside the boots.

15- Camo Lace-up Ankle Boots

DADAWEN Women's Lace Up Low Heel Work Combat Boots Waterproof Ankle Bootie

The camouflage print is all you need to catch the attention of the public on the streets.


Featuring a rubber sole and synthetic leather, these are classic waterproof shoes with a lace-up front and metal eyelet. The collar is padded, and so is the tongue.

These are warm and comfortable in that context. You can walk easily on the snow and ice with them, thanks to a rubber outsole.

Suitable for all kinds of outfits, they’ll blend in with your style pretty well.

16- Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boots.

 Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Decoy Rain Boots

The long, lace-up shoes from Sperry Top-Sider go well with some tight dark blue jeans and black leather coats. Tuck in your jeans inside them, and you’ve got that commando/army style feel. Jumpers will also do fine with these waterproof shoes for men.

The shaft measures 8 inches from the arch and is made up of breathable fabric, 50% leather and 50% synthetic.

One thing so unique about them is they don’t hide their rain-booted-ness. Where others try to alternate to bring style, they embrace it and wear it with pride.

17- Fluffy Waterproof Ugg Boots

 Viki Waterproof Boot

Heavy-duty work, lightweight experience, trendy, and extremely fashionable.

These shoes look fluffy and fragile, but remember, looks can be deceiving. They are best for all kinds of weather and all kinds of outfits. The laces crisscross the fluffy shearling tongue, and that’s what adds to its style even more.

The shoe features leather and genuine shearling upper, shearling lining, and rubber sole. The outsole features Arctic Grip treads, and the midsole is a UGG midsole.

These are a sophisticated mix of comfort and style, along with waterproofing and heavy-duty working.


Rain boots aren’t for everyone. They are especially a big no-no for people who have a high taste in fashion. For those, we have scoured down the market and picked these twenty boots that can change your game on rainy days. You can pick the one that suits you the best.

It all comes down to an individual’s choice and style. If you are looking for waterproof sneakers, Loom shoes are our top pick. Else, if you are looking for something a little more formal, you can pick one of the Chelsea-style rain boots.


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