What Shoes Should You Wear With Black Dresses?

What Shoes Should You Wear With Black Dresses?

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Want to know what’s great about black dresses? They look good anytime, anyplace, and on anyone.

Think about it: what occasion is there on which a black dress isn’t appropriate? Can’t think of anything? Yeah, we thought so.

But while the dress itself isn’t a problem, it can be difficult to pair it with the right shoes. And the thing is, if you pick the wrong footwear, it can throw off your entire look.

Don’t worry, though. We know how important it is for you to find just the right shoe to complete your outfit, which is why we’ve composed this article.

How to Style Shoes With Black Dresses?

While styling and accessorizing black dresses is easy, it’s good to have an intuitive sense of stylistic options.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you avoid barreling towards a fashion disaster.

It’s All About the Proportions

Coco Chanel once famously said: “fashion is architecture; it is a matter of proportions.”

When it comes to styling dresses, you need to ensure that there is balance throughout your entire silhouette.

For example, if you’re wearing a short, boxy dress, then you need to wear something that calls attention to your legs. Knee-high boots or ankle boots with stockings will create an attractive contour and perfectly balanced ensemble.

Color Contrasts

The truly unique thing about the color black is that all colors complement it. Even starkly contrasting colors such as white end up enhancing the whole look.

On the other hand, you can introduce a pop of color by wearing vibrant, colorful shoes.

Similarly, it’s easy to rock almost wacky patterns and textures such as animal prints or geometric patterns with black dresses.

At the end of the day, no shoe color or texture is off-limits when it comes to black dresses.

Occasion Matters

With so many color and style options, surely you’d have to draw a line somewhere.

The truth is, you can change your outfit from office-formal to ladies’ night out with a simple shoe swap.

That’s why it’s always important to wear the right shoes for the right occasion. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about next.

Casual Shoes For a Laid Back Look

Just because you’re going casual doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look unsightly. In fact, you’ll find that you can create some of the most chic looks by pairing black dresses with casual footwear.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Also known as cuissardes or thigh-high boots, this style of shoes was originally used as men’s riding shoes in the 15th century.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Five centuries later, in the 1600s, over-the-knee boots made a comeback as women’s fashion boots.

These full-length statement shoes look breathtaking with short and loose dresses. However, if you have a bodycon dress, avoid these skin-hugging boots to maintain that balance we talked about.

One thing to remember about over-the-knee boots is that they are optically illusive; the slight heel and subtle hint of exposed skin above the boots looks great on long, slender legs.

However, if you have short legs, the boots might make your legs look even shorter.

Since these boots are usually made from leather and rest so high up your leg, they’re the perfect waterproof shoes for women that don’t let the bad weather rain on their parade.

Statement Flats

Flats are perfect for a really hot day when you wanna keep it breezy but voguish at the same time.

Black and white flats

Particularly, vibrant and patterned flats are a good choice when you want to add a little personality to your outfit.

Lug-Sole Boots

Lug-sole boots are characteristic of alternate fashion, including emo, goth, scene, and cyberpunk subcultures. However, you don't have to be anti-mainstream to rock a pair of lug-soles.

 lug sole white boots

The name refers to a type of rubber sole that has deep indentations and wide grooves. You might have seen various hiking and working shoes with similar soles.

Functionally, lug-soles are meant to provide the greatest possible grip and traction. Additionally, the material is also supposed to provide protection against snow and rain.

These days, however, the chunky boots have taken the fashion world by a storm.

Lug soles come in multiple lengths, styles, and materials, so you can don these waterproof casual shoes in any weather.


White sneakers and a black dress- it’s a classic combination!

 White waterproof sneakers

Sneakers are all the hype right now, and not just in the sports world. In fact, more and more people are wearing sneakers casually now as a fashion statement.

That’s why you’ll see so many waterproof casual shoes in the market right now. If you’re trying to style sneakers with a black dress, remember to keep it simple and practical. Check out these waterproof shoes for women by Loom for a flawless pairing.

Gladiator Sandals

For some reason, mainstream fashion is yet to accept these strappy sandals. Instead, gladiator sandals give off a casual bohemian vibe, which is perfect for summer festivals.

Gladiator Sandals 

Honestly, though, it’s about time that people start wearing gladiator sandals more casually.

When worn with a black dress, gladiator sandals can bring a unique and arresting dimension to your outfit.

Remember, though, you need to balance out your outfit. If your dress is already too strappy, then you might want to stay away from adding even more stripes.

Formal Shoes to Style With Black Dresses

Whether you have another long day at work or you’re attending a formal event, your shoes can make or break your whole outfit.

Pointed-Toe Mules

Unless you work in fashion, there are certain limitations on the kinds of shoes you can safely wear to the office.

 Pointed-Toe Mules

Luckily, pointed-toe mules are always a safe bet.

Mules refer to a type of closed-toe shoes that are open from the back, without any strap. You can think of them as fancier, more formal sandals.

It’s the perfect hack; like sandals, they’re stylish and comfortable to wear because they’re non-restrictive. Yet still, they’re formal like dress shoes because the toes are covered. It’s the best of both worlds.

And the pointed toe? Well, that’s just a little extra something that is guaranteed to make your shoes look classier.

Leather Ankle Boots

On the colder rainy days, you can wear waterproof ankle boots to work. It’s a little more brazen compared to the other options, but why shy away from making a statement?

 Leather Ankle Boots

The key is to keep it minimal, refined, and clean. Keep the stilettos for outside the office. Instead, pair your black dress with a chunky block heel to keep it formal.

Additionally, make sure that you stick with neutral colors. A black or nude block heel ankle boot will be the perfect waterproof shoes for women in the workplace.


If you haven’t heard yet, vintage is back in vogue. From decor to fashion, people love revisiting the past and drawing stylistic inspirations.


With that in mind, try pairing loafers with formal black dresses for that perfect mix of vintage and androgynous chic.


Nothing screams formal and elegant quite like a good old pair of plain pumps.

Pumps refer to a wide range of formal shoes that has a low-cut front and a bow or buckle for fastening the shoe. The classic pump comprises a flat heel and a bow where a buckle would be.

For a truly professional look, try pairing a nude-colored pair of pumps to perfectly compliment your black dress.

Additionally, you can even kick it up a notch and wear dark stockings with the pumps. In addition to being dressy and professional-looking, the stockings will also keep your legs warm and comfortable.

Cocktail Shoes to Style With Black Dresses

If you’re getting ready for a night of glamour, celebration, and fun? Make sure those pictures are flawless by pairing your black dress with dramatic shoes.

Red Stilettos

Pointy toes and long, sleek heels; stilettos might not feel the best on your feet, but they’re worth every second of the pain.

Red Stilettos 

Red stilettos and black dresses are a classic cocktail outfit pairing. While the dress keeps it elegant and classy, the addition of a red high heel adds a playful charm.

Top it off with a bold red lip, and you’ll have that classic, sultry look mastered in no time.

Nude Ankle Strap Sandal

When it comes to black dresses, it's fun to play around with vibrant colors, especially since every color goes so well with black.

 Ankle Strap Sandal

Moreover, bold shoe colors are a great way to make a statement and accessorize around it.

However, sometimes it’s best to let your dress have all the spotlight. In this case, go for a minimalist, nude-colored shoe. Nude shoes look super aesthetic with black dresses, even when they’re not the center of attention.

Additionally, nude shoes elongate your legs, making them look longer.

If you still want some personality to shine through your nude heels, then opt for an ankle strap shoe.


You can’t deny it; black dresses are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing out there. However, it’s easy to ruin your whole look if you don’t style your dress with the right shoes.

If you’re going for a laid back look to run daily errands, stick with waterproof casual shoes to maximize comfort and functionality.

Conversely, tall, bold stilettos are a classic choice for a fun night out.

Remember: at the end of the day, it all depends on the occasion. Other than that, don’t let anything or anyone limit your creativity when it comes to fashion!

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