Where Can I Buy Stylish Vegan Shoes?

Where Can I Buy Stylish Vegan Shoes?

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Fashion doesn’t have to be a reason to kill over a million animals each year. We, as shoppers, have the power to choose love over cruelty!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish wardrobe with the most excellent bags and shoes. Many companies now offer cruelty-free vegan shoes for men and women made without any animal products like leather or wool.

However, it might be challenging to find exclusively vegan brands or dig up the particular line of cruelty-free products.

In this article, we have found some luxury vegan brands for you that offer vegan shoes made with care and comfort in mind.

You won’t have to think twice before swiping your card for leather shoes anymore.

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What Are the Trendiest Vegan Shoe Brands?

We will help you find YOUR perfect pair of vegan shoes from our list of top 18 vegan brands around the world.

The list includes 100% vegan options such as Matt and Nat that are fully dedicated to cruelty-free materials, while brands like Doc Martens offer a separate line of vegan shoes.

Let’s get started.

●     Matt and Nat

 Matt Natt Vegan-Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Matt and Nat

With the motto to Live Beautifully, Matt and Nat are committed to designing cruelty-free shoes with recycled materials.

Known for its handbags, the Montreal based brand has a wide range of vegan shoes from everyday flats and sneakers to heels, vegan running shoes and boots that will last you a long time.

The ladies can pair their classic toe high heels in a metallic finish with any dress of their choice for a lively and chic look. The gentlemen can get their hands on the classy loafers, a go-to choice for all events. 

●     Loom Footwear

Loom Vegan Shoes 

Loom Footwear is one brand you can trust through the turning seasons. The US-based brand produces waterproof nature-friendly sneakers for both (vegan shoes men/women).

Loom sneakers feature a sleek lightweight design and a perfect cushioning system for maximum comfort.

You can wear them on a whole day of walking or even go hiking as they can endure rain, mud, and any other setting you can think of.

Also, these breathable sneakers have moisture-wicking material and antibacterial properties that minimize odor and keep your feet fresh all day long.

If you are new to vegan shoes for men, you can go for a Loom pair with your eyes closed. They come in classic black and white colors to fit every foot and style.

Loom Shoes are super affordable, and nothing can beat the classic sneaker style that we all love.

●     Rafa

Rafa Vegan Shoes 

Photo: Courtesy of Rafa

Rafa is a luxury footwear brand that handcrafts each shoe using vegan recycled textiles. It can bring a pop of colors to your wardrobe with bright hand-made sandals, boots, and pumps.

The LA-based brand produces the most colorful vegan shoes that can inspire even the maddest keen black-lovers.

We love the Rafa sandals that you can customize to truly feel like yourself in every pair you own.

The price tag on Rafa shoes is average while you are getting hand-made and durable shoes.

●     NOAH

 Noah Italian Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Noah

Noah handcrafts elegant Italian unisex shoes while making responsible choices to make sustainable changes.

The company uses non-toxic, vegan materials to ensure high-quality manufacturing of timeless designs.

Noah shoes range from men’s lace-ups and slippers to women’s pumps and slide-on. They have an average price range, and you pay about $50- $80 for a pair of basic slippers.

If you are on a limited budget, check out their summer collection to dig a bargain.

●     Mink Shoes

 Mink fashion trendy vegan shoes evening

Photo: Courtesy of Mink

Showcasing glitz, glam, and magic, the shoe of your dreams is available at Mink. Each Mink shoe displays redefined traditional craftsmanship that is aware of the environment and living beings.

Mink shoes offer guilt-free luxury that has been a choice of many celebrities. The brand uses no animal products but only sustainable vegan materials to create shoes that make a statement on every toe.

Want to look chic for prom? Go for classic pumps covered in glitter to sparkle your way through the night.

●     Beyond Skin

 Beyond Skin Luxury Vegan-Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Beyond Skin

Based in the US, Beyond Skin offers stylish vegan shoes men/women exclusively handcrafted in Spain. The brand pledges to donate 5% of its profits to social projects.

Beyond Skin produces cruelty-free luxurious faux leather or suede shoes from timeless classics to sparkling bridal wear.

Our favorites are the vintage-inspired faux leather mules from their Timeless Classic collection. These luxury shoes are sure to make you feel at your best, at an average price.

●     Bhava

 Bhava stylish Vegan shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Bhava

The NY based brand, Bhava, creates thoughtful designs using organic, recycled, and cruelty-free materials.

They produce comfortable vegan shoes for women on the go to help them survive the longest of days without a tad bit of pain in the toes.

Bhava shoes display unique designs and vivid colors for modern women. We especially like their sandals and boots that look comfortable and nice on the feet.

Their shoes are average-priced, but they offer comfort in every shape.

●     Doc Martens

 Vegan doc Martins

Photo: Doc Martens

Although Classic Doc Martens are made from leather, the brand offers a reasonably extensive range of vegan options with distinctive styles.

The iconic vegan eight-eye lace-up boots feature 100% cruelty-free leather with a glossy, two-toned cherry-red finish.

You can also find decent vegan Chelsea boots and sandals with classic styles and textures.

Doc Martens’ collection is averagely priced and known for its durability and comfort. If you have the budget, you can get a timeless design that will last for years to come.

 ●     Rungg

 Rungg Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Rungg

Rungg is a vegan shoe brand that mixes tradition and art to express nature in its true colors. The shoes are made of vegan leather with hand-embroidered work, and they look one of a kind.

Their signature Mi Amor heels and Buzzing Bee collection is made for lively souls who want to stand out at every event as well as on a casual day.

Rungg’s collection is priced low to average, letting you grab a pair of everyday vegan shoes women or men without thinking twice.

●     Veja

 Veja Vegan shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Veja

Veja manufactures durable vegan sneakers sold in over 60 countries around the world. The sneakers are made from organic or recycled material and wild rubber in Brazil.

The colorful hip sneakers can go through a whole day of walking without tiring out your feet. Also, you can pair your sneakers with any outfit, and they will look cool.

Meghan Markle was spotted wearing Veja on her Australian tour, and the brand seems to have developed a cult following.

Veja shoes hold affordable price tags while offering comfort and durability.

●     Tastemaker Supply

Blue vegan low boots 

Photo: Courtesy of Veja

Tastemaker supply manufactures vegan shoes that encourage individuals to develop an ethical shopping taste.

The shoes are hand-made in Taiwan using 100% vegan raw materials like microfiber leather and microsuede.

The leather boots are covered with PU to make the shoes extra durable and breathable.

We love their vegan boots for men and women that look sturdy and classy. They are also comfortable and can fit several style choices.

●     Insecta Shoes


Photo: Courtesy of Insecta Shoes

Insecta Shoes is a Brazilian shoe brand that designs unique vegan shoes inspired by nature. The brand produces 100% cruelty-free shoes made of sustainable materials, and each pair of shoes recycles five plastic bottles.

At Insecta Shoes, you can find Chelsea boots, cut-out oxford shoes, and sandals in striking colors and patterns.

If shoes are the best part of your outfits, you will love the collection this vegan brand has to offer.

These shoes are also affordable, so you always have a chance to stay close to nature. Moreover, you can own a nice pair of shoes without having to spend a fortune.

●     Taylor and Thomas

 Taylor Thomas Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Taylor & Thomas

Tylor and Thomas is a female-founded brand with shifting priorities of thoughtfulness and sustainability. The fashion-forward luxury brand makes boots, heels, and loafers that are vegan and stylish.

They source sustainable materials like water-based polyurethane and recycled plastic bottles from Italy and Japan, to create luxury shoes for women.

You have three striking color choices for each style, including the golden python that stands out. We love their Jane loafer in tonal suede contrast with a twisted strap and a signature T+T wax stamp hardware.

Taylor and Thomas is a high-end brand with a starting price of about $400, so you might opt for them for your special occasions.

●     Veerah

 Vera Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Veerah

Another vegan brand that offers stunning heels and pumps is Veerah, based in NY. The brand creates luxury vegan heels made out of organic, recycled materials that look gorgeous on the feet.

We love the variety that Veerah’s limited collection has to offer with detachable accessories such as tassels, reversible straps, and brooches.

Whether you want to add a spark to your everyday look, or transition to a full-on glam for a night out, this glamorous accessory can spice up your heels in seconds.

●     Vegetarian Shoes

 Vegetarian Vegan shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes has a decent collection of vegan shoes for men, women, and children. The US-based company makes everything from hiking boots to casual sneakers and sandals using organic or vegan materials.

At Vegetarian Shoes, we found some pretty awesome dupes for brands like Doc Martens at much lesser prices.

You can grab a comfortable pair of vegan sneakers or everyday sandals at very affordable prices. Or you can check out their vegan running shoes as well.

 ●     Stella McCartney

 Stella McCartney

Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her women’s and men’s ready-to-wear accessories. Sustainability is a part of the brand ethics and is evident throughout the collections.

This brand produces lace-up sneakers, heels, and boots. The shoes display modern designs and tasteful color combinations to complete every wardrobe.

Stella McCartney is a high-end brand, with shoes starting from over $300.

●     Sydney Brown

 Sydney Brown Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Sydney Brown

Sydney Brown has developed a sustainable way of producing luxury shoes that are 100% vegan. The brand shows respect for the environment by making every stitch of the shoes free of any animal products.

Our favorite is their iridescent line of shoes that look fabulous and unique. You can pair them with soft colors to have fun with your everyday look.

The price tag on every Sydney Brown is average, and you’ll get value for your money.

●     SUSI Studio

Susi Vegan Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Susy Studio

SUSI Studio is the brand that reminds us of the 70s retro style. They use vegan materials like denim, hemp, and faux leather, and 30% of their profits go to PETA’s work to save animals.

The more we look at Matilda in their collection, the more we fall in love. These schoolgirl style boots look so 70s, and they are nothing but pure sassy.

SUSI Studio shoes are priced low to average, and even their heels are likely to fall in your budget.

Vegan Shoes Around the World

In this time and age, it’s safe to say that people know vegan is not just a preference in food — veganism is a lifestyle!

While shoe shopping, check the labels on the boxes to ensure no animal products such as leather, fur, or exotic skins are mentioned. Or, you can pick any shoe from the vegan collections in our article.

In this list of vegan shoe locations, we include several brands around the world, that either use cruelty-free materials as their only source or have a line of vegan shoes.


Alive — 100% vegan

ASOS — vegan options

The Third Estate — 100% vegan

Freerangers — 100% vegan

Ethical Wares — 100% vegan


Ethica — 100% vegan

Sudo Shoes — 100% vegan

Vegan Chic — 100% vegan

Moo Shoes — 100% vegan

Mod Cloth — vegan options


Souliers STUDIO — 100% vegan

allTRUEist — 100% vegan

The GRINNING Goat — 100% vegan


Vega-Life — 100% vegan

avesu — 100% vegan


Love Child — 100% vegan

Vegan style — 100% vegan

Post Sole Studio — 100% vegan


Final Thoughts

What we wear has power over us and our environment. Our article includes tons of brands that offer cruelty-free shoes, so you can be aware of what you are putting on your body.

Talking about a pair of must-have sneakers for every wardrobe, Loom Footwear offers one of the most affordable, comfortable, and long-lasting options so you can enjoy every second wearing them.

Brands like Doc Martens and Taylor and Thomas have higher-priced collections to make you look slick on any occasion.


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