10 Best Halloween Custom Shoes Ideas

10 Best Halloween Custom Shoes Ideas

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October has just begun, which means there’s plenty of time to plan for Halloween. There’s no secret that we all love this spooky season regardless of our age. Perhaps that’s the reason we spend heaps of money to buy snazzy Halloween costumes.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, “Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to reach an all-time high of $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020.” Surprising, right?

If you’re also in the same boat, perhaps you’d want your Halloween costume to be on point. Luckily, you do not have to be a Hollywood costume designer or some DIY specialist to get it done right.

Once you’ve chosen your costume, you’d only need to pair it up with appropriate Halloween shoes, and we’ve got you covered in that case.

Below, we’ve listed the finest Halloween shoes for 2021. Take a look! 

10 Best Halloween Shoes

We’ve not curated the list of best Halloween shoes out of nowhere. In fact, we’ve paired them up with some attention-grabbing costumes.

Maybe you’ll choose shoes after deciding on your Halloween costume. However, if it’s the other way round, you’ll get to find some great ideas for your Halloween costume and how specific shoes go well with your outfit.

1.   Waterproof Walking Shoes for Men

Released in 1994, Forrest Gump captured the attention of movie lovers across the globe and for the right reasons. The movie’s protagonist may not be a smart man, but he sure had a good heart. He dealt with the unkindness of people around him and found escape in running all his life.

 Waterproof walking shoes

Whether it was a breakup with his best friend (Jenny) or a bully chasing him down the road, running helped him escape physically and mentally. Along his way, he made new friends, inspired many (including the viewers), and also grew a beard.

Man and running shoes

You can take the character of Forrest Gump to the streets this Halloween and run just like him. A yellow polo shirt with red shorts paired with waterproof walking shoes for men will create that perfect Forrest Gump vibe.

The loom waterproof walking shoes for men are well-cushioned and super comfortable. So, if you’re in a large crowd during the Halloween festival, these shoes will keep you comfortable with their breathable material.


2.   Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women

Though trends in Halloween shifted over time, in the beginning, Halloween was more about costumes that were dark, spooky, and uncanny. To bring back the true spirit of Halloween this season, you can consider the character of Mavis from Hotel Transylvania.

 Waterproof walking shoes for women

She is a strong-willed, rebellious, and stubborn bat (but not in a bad way). On the flip side, we’re also inspired by her optimism and will to experience the world outside of Hotel Transylvania.

If you’ve been looking to create a dark atmosphere on the streets for Halloween, the Mavis costume would be a great option.

You can wear a black dress paired with striped (red and black) leggings. Though Mavis wore red sneakers in the movie, we’d want to add on to your comfort. Staying on the streets for long hours during Halloween is not all fun and games.

 Shoes for women

In that case, Loom Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women would be a great alternative to regular sneakers. They are lightweight, comfortable, and waterproof. In case you step into a puddle by accident, the water won’t reach your feet, keeping you from that uncomfortable feeling.

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3.   Skeleton Shoes

Skeleton shoes 

Thousands of Halloween seasons have gone by, and people are still obsessed with the skeleton costume.

No matter what your age is, you’re never too old to try this one. Also, it’s not gender-specific. This leaves a lot of room for more ideas to make it that one-and-only kind of costume on Halloween streets.

That is, you’ll find various people dressed up as a skeleton, but the intriguing thing is, none of them has worn it the same way. We hope you also stand out from the crowd with your skeleton costume. For this reason, you can opt for a full-body black skeleton dress.

If you buy it online, you may find one with white bones printed on it. Otherwise, you can paint by yourself.

But what about the shoes? Do you have skeleton-like shoes? If not, we’ve an option for you.

UIN Floral Art Skeleton Sneakers will blend perfectly with that bland-looking skeleton dress. They are not like your typical black and white skeleton shoes, instead, the chic painting gives them a bohemian look.

-What else is good? They are environmentally-friendly and pretty comfortable.

4.   Witch Buckle Shoe

Are you obsessed with the typical witch costume? If so, we’ve got the idea of a shoe for you to rock the streets this Halloween.

 witch buckle shoe

Whether your costume is inspired by the famous witch character Almira Gulch (the Wicked Witch of the West) or Maleficent, you can create a fun look by letting your creative juices flow.

A black dress and a witch hat is the first thing you’ll need. For the shoes, you can consider the Witch Buckle Heel Shoes. These shoes are made up of 100% polyurethane and are super-comfortable and durable.

Another plus is that they are perfectly shaped to complement your witch costume.

What else you’ll need is some witch props. These could be a broom, a wand, a dutch cattle, or a crystal ball.

Yes, you may not be able to carry them all with you, so make sure you choose the one that goes well with your witch costume. Not all witch characters are the same, and the styling differs simultaneously.

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5.   Stretch Suede Chunky Thigh Boots

When it comes to Halloween costumes, who can forget the Addams Family? The movie has taught us precious life lessons and given us an insight into morals and values.

 Stretch Suede Chunky Thigh Boots

To keep the grotesque atmosphere of Halloween alive, you can consider the character of Morticia for this Halloween.

She is well-mannered, elegant, and protective. Yes, her character has a gentle feel, but the costume will undoubtedly give a creepy and kooky vibe.

A tight-fitted black dress, black wig, and deep red lipstick are all that make up for your Morticia Halloween costume. If you’re good at makeup, consider giving a smoky look to your eyes (with grey and black eyeshadow).

To give your outfit a classy and elegant finishing touch, consider wearing the Suede Chunky Thigh Boots. These boots are suede and black, which keep the eerie spirit of the character alive. Moreover, the pointy toes give a ladylike feel that completes the Morticia look.

6.   Harley Quinn Halloween Shoes

Perhaps we all adore Harley Quin from the Suicide Squad, and why not? She is endearing, sentimental, and lighthearted. But the allure exists beyond that, her voice is charismatic, and her distracting outfit was the reason alone for her being famous.

 Harley Quinn Halloween Shoes

Though a few years have passed since the first part of the movie was released, people are still obsessed with her character. If you’re from the same crowd, the Harley Quin costume would be a perfect option to capture the attention on Halloween streets this season.

The red and blue pants, a white T-shirt, and a red and blue jacket is all you need for the outfit. Further, you can wear fishnet tights and a belt.

Though most people opt for typical white boots, you can go for the red and blue Harley Quin Boots to complete the look.

The long lace-up boots go well with the Halloween-themed Harley Quin character. After all, Halloween is all about bringing a twist to the original style. 

7.   Red Riding Hood Shoes

Our childhood was inspired by many fictional story characters, and Little Red Riding Hood is one of them. On her way to her grandmother’s home, she encounters a werewolf who intends to eat her.

 Red Riding Hood Shoes

Red Riding Hood is a generous, sweet, and loving young girl. As such, you might think her character is unfit for a Halloween costume, but you’re mistaken.

In her red, hooded costume, Red Riding Hood carrying a basket creates the spooky atmosphere of the forest where she comes across the wolf. So, the character of Red Riding Hood might not appear freakish; the storyline it portrays sure does.

You can complete the Red Riding Hood costume by pairing it with white socks and Red Sequined Shoes with a bow accent. These shoes will likely complete the adorable look of  Red Riding Hood.

8.   Wonder Woman Boot Costume

If you plan to unleash your inner superhero this Halloween, then the Wonder Woman costume is your best bet.

 Wonder Woman Boot Costume

No matter your age, you’ll rock that chic Wonder Woman outfit. The compassionate, outgoing, stubborn, and fearless character of Wonder Woman is one of a kind. So, you have a great chance to stand out from the crowd with this beautiful outfit.

You can purchase your outfit from a nearby store or buy it online.

Also, instead of wearing your typical heels with the costume, consider the Wonder Woman Boot Costume Footwear. These 3-piece boots with knee and shin cover attachments might sound challenging to carry, but they are super comfortable.

Comfort, however, is not the only thing that makes them ideal for your costume; their design is just the same as Wonder Woman boots. All else you’ll need is a shield, a sword, and an armband.

Also, make sure you slightly curl your hair and apply deep red lipstick to finish the look.

9.   Jack Sparrow Boots

Jack Sparrow is yet another not-so-scary Halloween costume idea. Though other costumes may help you stand out, they might consume a little more time. On the other hand, Jack Sparrow's character is easily recognizable but surprisingly easy to dress up as.

 Jack Sparrow Boots

But wait, just because people will recognize you easily doesn’t mean your costume is a bland one. Everyone alike adores the adventurous, mischievous, and weirdly funny character of Jacksparrow.

It may not be as spooky as the other costumes, but pirates still create an intimidating vibe. After all, they attack and steal.

But how to create the perfect Jack Sparrow look? Well, a lot of baggy flowing clothes, wavy hair or dreadlocks with a bandana is all you need to get the look.

Once you’ve styled yourself right, The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Boots are perfect to complete the look.

These suede boots are flat and secure, so you’ll move around the Halloween streets without hassle.

10.  Knee-High Sandals for Men

We’d like to close off with a not-so-popular costume paired with unique Halloween shoes. Perhaps no Pharoah in history imagined being a famous Halloween character, but Halloween enthusiasts have brought them to the forefront for good reasons.

 Knee-High Sandals for Men

Yes, they won’t scare you with a spell or by swinging their magic wand in the air; many left us with mysterious and gloomy history.

Several mummies of pharaohs were placed in ornate stone coffins that haunted people for years. Some myths even claim mummies came alive.

What’s more, many Egyptian kings were ruthless and uncaring for the people of Egypt and their slaves. So yes, they might not be those typical ghostly characters, but people find them intimidating.

If you’re a male adult, you can rock an Egyptian king outfit this Halloween. You’d need a color tunic collar, gold cuff, belt with attached drape, and Egyptian headpiece along with the outfit.

Remember, the key is to make your sandals noticeable, so make sure you do not wear any socks or pants. Funtasma Striped Sandals will perfectly complement your Egyptian King attire. They’re available in brown and black colors, and you can opt for one that appeals to you.

Final Words

The Halloween season has officially begun, which means fun, excitement, and endless entertainment. Whether you’re out on the streets or at home with your family, there are plenty of things you can do to make it more fun.

Perhaps you’ll play special games with your family, but we have shared several costumes and Halloween shoes that you can wear to a costume party.

Hopefully, you’ll find your best outfit and shoes idea on our list!


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