The Best & Cutest Summer Shoes for Women of 2024!

The Best & Cutest Summer Shoes for Women of 2024!

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One of the best things about warm summery weather is that you can switch from long boots, and coat shoes to cute, breathable sandals. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs to go with your apparel. Even the colors and patterns are amazing.

Whether you're heading to an official event, party, night club, or up for shopping, your shoes always elevate your look. When it comes to summer, the choice even gets bigger and better.

The freedom those open-toed sandals give and the comfort those breathable sneakers offer is matchless.

Another good thing about summer shoes is the variety of options you get to wear with every attire, be it sandals, flip flops, sneakers, or clogs.

Buying a sandal or summer shoes just because they look cute isn't enough. Do your feet a favor and look for comfort with style as well. We have formulated a list of top ten best and cute summer shoes for women of 2020 for your convenience.

1- The Rope Metallic Sandal

The Rope Metallic Sandal 

Valentino Garavani designed this beautiful piece, a Greek-inspired silhouette, crafting the Metallic Rope sandals from golden Nappa leather. The metallic design is crafted in Italy with a crisscross pattern for the toes and dual ankle straps.

When you look at the crisscross pattern for the upper section, it’s crafted with lamb leather while the insole and the lining are made of leather. The lower sole is made of rubber.

The Rope Metallic Sandal is the epitome of comfort along with style. These high-end sandals allow your feet to breathe and relax while you move around comfortably.

Pair it with a crisp white dress and feel like a Greek goddess. You can pair these beauties with skirts, maxi or many sundresses.

2- Loom Sneakers, Waterproof Breathable Sneaker

 Loom Sneakers

When it comes to Loom, nothing beats their comfort and style. Loom waterproof sneakers are specifically designed for a comfortable experience during the summer when there are sweat, heat, and unpredictable rain everywhere.

With additional comfort and extreme waterproofing quality, the Loom sneakers are a good fit for almost anything.

Loom sneakers have four layers for excellent waterproofing, breathability, and thermoregulation.

The topmost layer is the waterproof layer.

Next comes the 2nd layer with 3D mesh with Cosmo technology, the third one with 3D mesh soft layer. Between the 3D mesh layers and waterproof layer is a 4-way stretch merino wool.

The layers result in excellent breathability, comfort, and high performance. Breathability is important because you don't want to retain all the moisture from the sweat or rain, which brings us to another great feature of Loom sneakers, which is the odorless feel.

Even with all these layers and benefits, these shoes are very lightweight, thus perfect for summer.

Moreover, their sleek appearance gives them an advantage of wear-anywhere type. You can pair your loom sneakers with anything, be it high waist jeans or denim shorts.

3- Free People Belem's Clogs

Free People collection shoes are trendy among people due to their signature vintage aesthetics and premium quality leather. These clogs are a piece of art for some.

Free People Belem's Clogs 


Available in neutral white shade, Free People Belem's Clogs are open-toed and breathable, and they’re perfect for all seasons, especially summer.

The clog features a Spanish style with 1.75 inches of a chunky wooden platform, four inches of the heel along with buckled straps.

These leather straps are designed to fit comfortably and supportively. That tells how carefully these clogs are crafted to ensure relaxed feet.

You can wear these funky clogs for any occasion and during any season! We love how comfortable and stylish they are. 

You can pair these artisans with formal, semi-formal, and casual clothes such as jeans, summer dresses, skirts, denim shorts, and even party gowns.

4- Fragolina Sandals

"It's impolite to stare unless, of course, it's a gorgeous shoe".

Fragolina Sandals

Well, Fragolina sandals are the kind of shoes; everyone is bound to look back. These beauties are a perfect choice for events and parties this summer and a delightful sight for sore eyes.

Designed in Florence, Italy by Edgardo Osorio, these sandals by Aquazzura are fashioned with the jungle green suede and meticulously designed darling strawberry details that bring a bright contrast with the red.

Leafy details on the toe and the ankle are just perfect for enhancing the glamorous touch without going overboard.

The 105 mm, covered high stiletto heel gives you a chic look without compromising on the comfort with padded leather insole.

Thoroughly crafted straps are thin enough to add that delicacy while securely wrapping around the ankle for added supports and safety.

You can't go wrong with these Fragolina sandals.

5- Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Leather Sandals

Get cozy with Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Leather sandals!

 Big Buckle Leather Sandals

These trendy sandals are incredibly comfortable with breathable design to ascertain easiness. The open-toed design with two big buckles on the top gives that bossy look that speaks.

Birkenstock leather sandals come in different colors with distressed marks on the leather for additional detail. The upper is made of waxy antique brown leather for support and grip without compromising on breathability. Similarly, the inner sole is made of leather as well.

A 1.3 inch EVA sole with natural cork footbed adds to the strength and durability of the shoe.

You can pair these sandals with any attire you want. Be it high waist jeans, maxi dress, denim shorts, or even summer dresses.


6- Maisie Sport Sandals

These beautiful sporty sandals add a bounce to the classic ones by Loeffler Randall. The Maisie sport sandals are available in two designs.

Maisie Sport Sandals 

One of these supports black sole with a floral printed sweet bow and Velcro straps. This floral print gives a whole new vibe to everyday old sandals.

The other design comes with a leopard printed bow and Velcro straps. While the first one gives a sweet touch, this one displays a feminine yet fearless image.

Both of these designs are unique and stylish in their way.

Rigid foam footbed with rubber sole makes these shoes guaranteed comfort. An open-toe sandal with a decorative bow on the top, made up of printed twill, takes the stylish look to another level.

The design includes Velcro straps for perfect grip, accurate fitting, and additional support.

Pair up these sandals with denim shorts, summer dresses or maxi dresses to add that extra bit of love.

7- String Sandals

Beautifully designed, these delicate JAGGAR string sandals also made it to our list with their unique design and color story.

 String Sandals 

These sandals look very delicate with barely-there strappy upper crafted from colorful kidskin. A beautiful strappy silhouette with bow detail tops it off.

The footbed is fully cushioned to relax your feet. It's a stacked, three-inch stiletto heel that supports rubber heel patch at the leather sole for added grip and stability. Moreover, the inner is lined with leather for softness.

You can beautifully pair up these sea pink multi-colored sandals with summer dresses and jeans.

8- Leather Straps Sandals

Leather strap sandals by Mango are another gorgeous pair of summer shoes that can rock your attire. These beauties come in sky blue color with a square-toed design.

Leather Straps Sandals 

The upper is finely crafted of 94% of goat leather and 6% polyurethane, which ensures softness and comfort throughout the wear-time.

The material they used for lining and insole is 100% polyurethane. Last but not least, the sole is 100% rubber, making the 8 cm heels slip-proof.

You can easily pair these gorgeous leather strap sandals with any casual or formal outfit.

9- LC Sandals

Lauren Conrad women sandals are another beautiful addition in our list of cute summer shoes for women in 2020. Available in three attractive colors, these sandals are made of synthetic material.

LC Sandals 

The outsole is made of TRP and delivers grip as good as rubber. Human made upper and lining along with padded footbed, adds to the comfort of feet.

The women's LC flip flops are very popular due to the stylish, trendy, yet casual look. The slip-on design makes them easy to put on and off.

You can easily pair these lovelies with shorts, maxi dresses, sundresses, and capris.


10- Air Force 1 Low Ess Sneaker

These chic sneakers are a reboot of Nike's first Air-cushioned basketball shoes released in 1982, with a colorful twist. The latest design is bold, vibrant, and bright for the women of 2020.

 Air Force 1 Low Ess Sneaker

Light pink color with a vivacious accent adds to that feminine yet intense look. Star-studded bumper toe augments the glam in the sneakers.

Air Force 1 Low Ess sneaker supports a lace-up style. Nike Air units in the chunky platform sole provides comfort throughout the day. These sneakers are made of leather with a rubber sole.

They are perfect for summer, whether you want to play in the scorching weather or walk around with your group of friends.

Isn't it great when you can wear a pair of shoes casually as well as formally?

What to Look for When Buying Summer Shoes/ Sandals?

Buying sandals only because they looked cute is not wise, especially when those sandals are going to sit in your cupboard for a long time. Why? Because they are not comfortable, and they hurt.

Here are a few things we would recommend you to consider whenever you are looking to buy sandals, so you use them as they should be used.

Where Do You Plan to Wear Them?

You may need to decide if you want a pair of sandals for the office? Or do you want to wear them on a shopping expedition? Maybe for a casual walk or to a beach?

Every single scenario requires a different type of sandal. You may want to buy flip flops for the beach, breathable sneakers like Loom sneakers for a walk, sporty shoes for a shopping spree, and formal sandals for office time. A high heeled dressy sandal may go with your parties etc.

You cannot wear high heels if you have to move a lot. Similarly, you cannot wear sneakers with an evening gown.

Know Your Body Limit and Choose Heel Height Accordingly

Although it looks tempting to wear very high heels when you see some lady rocking them, pass by. However, knowing your limitations and respecting them is the best thing to do.

Wearing 6 to 9 inches' heels is not everybody's cup of tea if you are unable to move around after wearing high heels, what the point of wearing them, and ruining your evening.

Always Check If the Sandals Supports the Right Way

While choosing the sandals, rethink about the occasion you want to use and make the purchase accordingly. If you're going to wear shoes with extra support, you may choose to buy sandals with ankle support or straps.

Similarly, for beaches or pools, you may want a comfortable slip-on shoe and opt for flip flops. For running or long walks, sneakers are an ideal choice, and the list goes on.

Buy the Right Size

We would recommend you always buy the right size. Wearing a size smaller or bigger comes with repercussions. You may end up with hurting feet, cuts, or even injured heels.

Additionally, what's the point of buying a pair of sandals in the wrong size, when ultimately you are not going to wear them due to discomfort.

Never compromise on the health of your feet.

Wrap Up

Summer is a time to rejoice in the warm sun. A time when you can comfortably breathe in the open air. When you get a chance to breathe easily, why not allowing your feet to breathe as well?

You are bound to perform better when your body is fully relaxed, most importantly, your shoes. Choose the right summer shoes for the occasion so that you can rock it.

As they rightly said, "Give a woman the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

Our list of the best and cutest shoes for women in 2020 includes trendy yet comfortable shoes. Buying another pair of shoes here or there won't hurt.

Have fun shopping!


Olyvia Smith


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