5 Comfortable Fall Shoes That Every Woman Needs! A 2022 List

5 Comfortable Fall Shoes That Every Woman Needs! A 2022 List

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One of the many things a woman can never have enough of is shoes! Think trendy, comfortable, stylish, and chic shoes that complete the look. Never underestimate their power and how they can alter your entire look.

So if you’re worried about finding the right pair of comfortable work shoes this season, stay with us and check out the top five fall shoes for women that’ll make heads turn this year.

We’ve got everything from work shoes to casual and sportswear to update your fall wardrobe.

Top Five Fall Shoes for Women - 2022

Give your ankles and feet the support they deserve with these top five comfortable women's fall shoes for 2022. Remember, buying shoes can be an investment if you make the right choices.

Instead of buying cheaper, low-quality footwear, buy just a few pairs of durable, stylish, timeless, and comfortable work shoes and match them with your favorite outfit on every occasion.

1.   Loom Waterproof Sneakers - Women

Loom Waterproof Sneakers - Women 

Perfect for all weather conditions, the Loom waterproof sneakers for women are designed to keep your feet dry and well-cushioned anywhere you go. The best part is the upper, breathable knit material that prevents foot odors and sweating.

The shoe is also impact resistant, making it a great choice to go on your morning run or stroll. However, don’t limit these to outdoor use; you can style them with casual street outerwear and look classy in either white or black color options.

A very good cushioning inside takes off the pressure and load from the feet. So even if you take a longer run than usual, your feet won't cramp up, and discomfort will be minimal or next to none.

The unique traction feature stabilizes the shoe and forms a protective covering around your foot. So you can enjoy long jogs and walks - it’ll be like walking in the air. So when it comes to the best comfortable work shoe, this pair by Loom tops the list.

2.   Nike Women's Blazer Low LE

 Nike Women's Blazer Low LE

Another classic design is the Nike Women’s blazer Low LE. These are comfortable, but you have to break into them to achieve maximum comfort. However, they aren't your best walking shoes; you can find several other options with technical aspects that offer support all around the foot.

Initially, the first of the Nike Blazers came out way back in 1972. These were one of the first shoes manufactured by Nike, meant for basketball.

The design is still simple, but like all other Nike wear, these are made from the finest quality materials. The exterior is all leather, and the tongue is nylon. So it has a super soft, comfortable feel and can support your casual look anywhere.

However, these shoes don't bring any additional benefits or features if you are looking for extra help with fatigue or ease.

The shoe fits true to its size, with a slightly narrow front. So, as a precaution, if you have wide feet, try a size up. But usually, it’ll just fit right.

3.   Tory Burch Women's Ballet Loafers

 Tory Burch Women's Ballet Loafers

Supporting style and grace, the Tory Burch Women's Ballet Loafers look great, whether as comfortable work shoes or to rock the look at a party. There’s a shiny Tory Burch logo atop and a low-key heel, which gives it a premium look and classic white design, so it can go with most of your dresses and work clothes.

The exterior is made from leather, and the sole is all rubber. It carries an effortless look, nothing too fancy but makes a statement in a crowd.

Just as the name ‘ballet loafer’ shows that it brings and fuses the benefits of both a loafer and a ballet slipper in one. You get the flexibility of a ballet slipper and the look of a loafer. But, don’t be fooled by the trendy look of this shoe only; it provides a high level of comfort and allows maximum movement inside.

The traction and ease of wear are the winners here. So if you need a pair to wear for long hours at work, these can be your besties. Wriggle your toes inside and walk around like a boss; your feet will be well taken care of.


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4.   TOP Moda Womens Hannah-1 Platform Chunky Heel Metallic Glitter Party Ankle Strap High Heel Sandal

 Top Moda Womens Hannah-1 Platform Chunky Heel

One shoe every woman should have in the shoe cabinet is classic black heels. Top Moda Womens Hannah-1 Platform Chunky Heel speaks style and elegance and can be easily carried around with several formal looks.

The shoe has a rubber, synthetic sole that makes it light and offers the most traction. Unlike traditional heels, these won't limit your movement. They are comfortable and can be worn for hours without taking a toll on your feet.

The heel, at 2.75 inches, is not too small nor too high; it just gives the perfect illusion of height. There’s a strap around the ankle for maximum support, so the shoe stays where it should, and the fingers and toes don’t protrude outwards.

However, bear in mind that the heels run a little smaller, so order one size for a comfortable fit. The quality is excellent with all synthetic upper and imported quality.

The design is classic; no matter which outfit you pair the shoe with, it will always enhance the look.

5.   Ermonn Womens Mid Knee High Boots Chunky Heel Slouchy Metal Buckle Side Zipper Fashion Winter Shoes

 Ermonn Womens Mid Knee High Boots Chunky Heel Slouchy Metal Buckle Side Zipper Fashion Winter Shoes

Boots are a must-have this fall. Hence these Ermonn Knee high boots are a wise choice this year. The shoe comes with a rubber sole, faux leather upper, and anti slip outsole so you can walk around gracefully, comfortably, and at your pace.

The shoe provides maximum comfort and keeps the foot and half the leg warm. The quality is fantastic; the outsole is also wear-resistant, so the shoe will last long, unlike the cheaper variants that only last a season.

The shoe comes with a classic side zipper so putting them on and taking off is easy and hassle-free. There aren't too many buckles, so it looks chic and simple yet carries the look well with long coats or even effort-free casual wear.

You get five color options: white, black, brown, khaki, and chocolate. Plus, there’s a heel, which adds an extra inch or so to your profile. The shoes are great for the office, hanging out with friends, clubbing, or carrying a simple streetwear look.

What to Look for When Shopping for Comfortable Shoes?

Each type of shoe is designed uniquely and supports a need or requirement. There are different shoes for jogging, dancing, walking, and going to work. However, all of these have one feature in common, i.e., comfort.

When shopping for comfortable work shoes, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Arch Support: Most comfortable shoes come with arch support that easily aligns your foot with the shoe and helps prevent discomfort and pain. Also, try to look for comfy shoes that aren't entirely flat around the arch.
  • Insole: inside support and cushioning are very important, especially if you wear those shoes for hours. Typically look for gel padding and EVA or memory foam for proper support and enhanced comfort for the foot.
  • Fitting: The shoe must not be too tight or too loose. It should fit your foot like a glove.

When buying the shoes, stretch and wiggle your toes to get a good feeling around the shoe. Then, take a little walk and see if they are the correct size.

  • Breathability: The shoes must be breathable. Else, the moisture inside may stick and make them messy and sweaty.

That, of course, comes with the annoying foot smell! So get those shoes with breathable mesh or some form of ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQs that can help you narrow down your choice and find the answers you are looking for.

What is the Most Common Type of Women’s Shoes?

The answer to this is purely subjective and depends on everyone's specific tastes, preferences, and lifestyles.

However, we can highlight a few kinds of shoes or must-haves in your wardrobes. Like there’s this ballet flat that's a must and goes with everything you wear and wherever you head out.

Then casual walking shoes are common and, of course, really needed. They can be sneakers, loafers, tennis shoes, whichever makes the walk comfortable.

Next, you need a high black heel - the queen of your wardrobe - that can make a real difference to your look. You may also carry a pair of easy flats or summer neutral-toned sandals for a casual look.

Finally, some boots with mid-sized heels are also a must-have for the winter.

Are White Sneakers Still in Style in 2022?

White sneakers are classics and one of those shoes that’ll never go out of style. However, 2022 is all about neon and colors; you can always add color to stand out.


So which shoe’s making its way to your wardrobe this year? Each kind discussed above has a unique look and can be styled perfectly with your attire.

Remember, no matter what you pick, the shoe is bound to last and can rock your whole outlook.

Don’t wait; try these casual, trendy, comfortable work shoes, and flaunt that killer look at every meeting and party on your schedule.


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