Can Men Wear Women's Shoes? | Top 5 Reasons Why It Can!

Can Men Wear Women's Shoes? | Top 5 Reasons Why It Can!

Certain items of clothing always bring to mind one gender or the other. But times have changed, and gender is a beautiful spectrum. So, this concept of constraining one gender to a specific thing sounds like last year, maybe even the previous decade?

Especially shoes. Put a man's and a woman's shoe side by side and see if you can tell the difference. There is hardly ever a difference! It's usually just the size that's different. 

Let's get into some more details, but the answer to “can men wear women's shoes?” is definitely a yes! Find out why.

 Womens Shoes

How Do Men and Women Shoes Differ?

Women's shoes always come in a wide range of varieties, be it colors, style, or even categories. Men can always wear women's shoes as long as the size of the shoe fits perfectly.

There are a few physical differences between men's and women's feet that you should consider. However, size is the main difference between men's and women's shoes.

You can't ignore them since it can lead to immense discomfort. There's one thing that can 10/10 ruin your mood and experience, and that's wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Physical Differences

 Men and women shoes difference

When we look at the structure of the women's feet, they are relatively smaller than men. So that's the first thing you notice.

Most women have much narrower and shorter feet than men. So, the female shoe is generally slimmer overall, contoured for a wider forefoot, and narrow in around the heel. In contrast, the men's footwear is wider overall.

 Women Sneakers

It remains the same width from heel to toe. Therefore, men with narrower or smaller feet may find that they feel more comfortable in women's shoes because the standard sizing more closely matches the shape and size of their feet.

You'd notice that the brands such as Vans and Adidas work on making unisex shoes. Or shoes with literally no difference between the style of men's and women's shoes. The only difference is in the sizing.

Every brand has a slightly different sizing standard, and that is why you should try on all the shoes you want to wear. Some people's feet grow and shrink, but they never really notice it. So it's best to pay attention to the size regardless of the gender of the shoe.

Despite being branded as the same shoes for all genders, some might still have different midsole materials or heel support, affecting the fit and weight of the shoe.

Effects of Weight

 Weight effect on shoes

Women have, on average, 15 percent less muscle than men, causing them to weigh less than men of comparable height and shoe size. Therefore, the midsole designed in a woman's shoe sustains 15 percent less impact as each foot strikes the ground.

Because of this, women's shoes usually contain a lighter and softer midsole than the men's version.

Furthermore, while both men's and women's shoes have flex grooves carved into the forefront of the outsole, these grooves will be significantly deeper on the women's shoe.

This is because women's lower-body mass makes it harder to flex the midsole, so grooves are added to help.

Never-Ending Color Options

The best part about getting women's shoes is the never-ending color options. We are sure you all are bored of the same dull colors available in men's wear even though black and brown shoes go with anything and everything literally.

 Shoe color options

But don't be afraid to try out some red, yellow, and other bright colors available. Most brands like Nike and Adidas have bought neon sneakers, very trendy, we must say.

Dear men, don't be afraid to go colorful, don't be scared to fill some color in your life. Make your outfits look full of life and stand out!

Women Shoes Cost Way Less

Consider how many pairs of shoes the average man owns vs. how many the average woman owns. Again, it is all about profit.

A man usually only has a few pairs of shoes and generally will keep them until they are no longer fit for use.

A woman "needs" her shoes to match her outfit, the environment, the occasion. Thus, in general, women purchase many different shoes throughout their lives and may only use certain shoes one time.

If women's shoes cost as much as men's, many could not afford to shop that way. But, conversely, if men's shoes cost as little as women's do, there would be significantly lower profits from men's footwear.

So that's another reason why men can buy women's shoes because they cost much lower.

In hindsight, no compromise on the quality or style, just a much better deal and a smarter decision.

Endless Styles and Designs

 Shoe Designs

Compared to women's shoes, men have relatively fewer styles and designs.

There seem to be a variety of women's shoe styles and designs-spanning from casual to exquisite, contemporary to traditional, and low to tall.

Every type of shoe has a specific purpose. There are, nevertheless, several types of footwear that go with everything and may be donned with a range of apparel and situations.

If we talk about men's and women's waterproof sneakers or trainers, they hardly have any differences.

Brands like Loom would be brilliant for school runs and going out for dog walks or to grab your coffee every morning for both men and women. They can go for white or black, or maybe both.  We all need a pair of these in our closets, regardless of gender.

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These waterproof sneakers are perfect for men and women. Even though they look really heavy, they are not. They have a good grip at the bottom and a tremendous solid sole. In addition, they are very lightweight and flexible! 

These waterproof loom sneakers are gender-neutral and perfect for walking on a rainy day.

If you are a new couple, you should get a pair of these for yourself and your spouse, and just Instagram it with a caption saying "Twinning"!




 Loom Shoes

What to Avoid

Some specific shoe styles are not recommended for men. Primarily, the concern is with athletic shoes such as trainers and athletic sneakers.

Shoes designed specifically for athletic purposes are usually constructed differently from regular shoes because their job is to support the different areas of the feet and the leg joints to minimize the risk of strain or injury.

Because men and women have different physiques, you'll find more variations between men's and women's sneakers than other shoe styles.

For example, athletic shoes for women are likely to be narrower in the heel department and broader around the toes than men's shoes.

Athletic shoe companies have created a wide range of shoe types that cater to various preferences and requirements.

However, if a woman has a wider foot or a man has a narrower foot, they may find that the opposite gender's shoe provides a better fit.

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Men and Heels? Sounds Controversial?

High heels have been an icon of femininity, and most people assume only females wear heels. But so do men. So why not more men wear heels?

Otherwise, the differences are all about style and comfort. So, for example, men tend not to wear high heels, not because there's an anatomical reason they couldn't, but because they don't traditionally wear them.

Maybe because our culture has told us they absolutely can't wear heels.   

But that wasn't the case forever. So if we go back into the history of heels, 10th century Persia, it is believed that it originated even before that. 

It is said that men only wore early heels. Heels were the riding tool for hunting, military, and masculinity.

So when did women start wearing heels? Well, it began in the 17th century, where it became a fashion trend for women to wear high heels. So much so that the idea of men wearing heels became extinct.

But times are changing, and brands like Cross Sword are working on heels that are made for men. They are designed differently to make them comfortable. A classic men's style refers to the uniqueness that mirrors your true personality.

We're at the dawn of a new fashion concept where you can be a part of it. So, why is men wearing heels considered a taboo still? Of course, they might look odd wearing high heels, but shoes with heels isn’t a bad idea, after all.


The bottom line here is that, in theory, a man can absolutely wear women's shoes. After all, if the shoe fits, who’s stopping you from wearing them?

With that said, women's shoes do also come in wide sizes, specifically for women with wider feet. So if you are a man with wide feet, a wise woman's shoe in a larger than average size might still work for you.

The only type of shoe that we don't recommend for men to wear in women's sizes is athletic shoes.

This is because athletic shoes for men and women are typically constructed very differently, and wearing the wrong kind of shoe to work out can lead to injuries.


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