Make Waves with the Best Beach Running Shoes of the Year

Make Waves with the Best Beach Running Shoes of the Year

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Running is one of the best exercises to keep the body in shape, but adding a beach into the equation becomes even better. Running on the beach offers challenging terrain that engages different muscle groups in the body, making the exercise more effective.

However, the wrong choice of shoes can ruin your experience and even cause injuries. Therefore, you must have the right pair of beach running shoes that can handle sandy and wet conditions. But with so many options available, how do you know which pair is the best for you?

In this article, we'll break down the top beach running shoes of the year and what makes them stand out. So let's begin.

Why Do You Need Beach Running Shoes?

Running on the beach is not like running on the pavement. The sand and saltwater can damage your running shoes and may not provide the grip and support you need for beach running. Beach running shoes are designed to protect your feet from the sand and water, provide traction on slippery surfaces, and offer support and stability on uneven terrain.

10 Best Beach Running Shoes of the Year

Here are the best beach running shoes of the year that will make your beach running experience comfortable and enjoyable

1.   Loom Waterproof Running Shoes

Loom Beach Running Shoe

Loom Footwear's waterproof running shoes will make waves at the beach. The lightweight mesh upper is designed to keep you cool while exercising, and its waterproof exterior means you don't have to worry about sand and water. T


The foam midsole with enhanced cushioning provides lasting comfort through each stride, while the durable rubber outsole promises traction on wet sand or terrain surfaces.

These waterproof sneakers for men also have a non-slip grip sole that prevents slipping and sliding on wet surfaces or treacherous terrain, making them perfect for running near the shoreline.

On top of that, they boast an ultra-breathable support system that keeps feet fresh all day long—so there's no need to worry about overheating in hot conditions. With Loom Footwear, bring quality performance gear to your next beach run—and never miss a beat.

2.   Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

 Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit provides excellent performance for beach running. The Flyknit upper is designed to keep feet cool and comfortable, while the full-length React foam midsole safeguards against shock with every step.

In addition, the extra-wide platform offers a stable base for secure traction on wet surfaces or sand. This helps you tackle tough terrain. Combined with an updated rocker shape that encourages more natural motion and blood flow during each stride, this shoe will surely take your runs to new heights.

Equipped with additional stability features and a soft but durable outsole optimized for medium distances, Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit ensures essential protection in dry and wet beach environments.

From casual jogs along the sea shoreline to intense training sessions near the boardwalk—these lightweight sneakers will surely enhance your travel experience no matter where life takes you next.

3.   Hoka One One Bondi X

 Hoka One One Bondi X

Hoka One One Bondi X makes beach running easier than ever! The full-length compression-molded midsole features an enlarged cushion slab for lasting plush protection, while the updated early-stage Meta-Rocker guarantees a smooth transition through the gait cycle.

Strategic cutouts throughout the outsole help expel water and increase breathability, perfect for wet surfaces or sand. On top of that, this iconic shoe also offers enhanced responsiveness and exceptional energy return technology—so you can hit the beach with extra oomph in every stride.

The Bondi X provides comfort and stability you can trust when taking on tough terrain or challenging conditions near water. Its lightweight construction won't weigh down your feet while running, but it still offers superior impact absorption that won't fatigue even after long periods of activity.

4.   Saucony Endorphin Shift

 Saucony Endorphin Shift

Saucony's Endorphin Shift beach running shoes will provide superior grip on every surface and terrain. Its POWERTRAC® rubber outsole ensures maximum traction on wet surfaces or sand, and its foam-padded collar offers extra cushioning for continuous comfort.

In addition, the decoupled midsole consists of Opti-Flex™ technology and PWRRUN cushioning to help you run faster with less effort than ever before. The lightweight engineered mesh upper increases air circulation, promoting breathability to keep feet dry when running near the shoreline.

These reliable beach sneakers also offer added durability with a reinforced midfoot structure that enhances support from start to finish. This ensures confident strides without distractions or discomfort, no matter where your jogs take you next.

5.   New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6

 New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6

New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6 beach running shoes provide a cushioned, supportive ride designed for tough terrain. Its foam-padded collar stabilizes ankles and provides breathability throughout your run, while its ULTRA HEEL heel design delivers an adaptive fit for extra comfort. In addition, its lugged Vibram® outsole offers unparalleled grip on wet surfaces or sand, helping you easily tackle any obstacle.

This sleek shoe is lightweight yet durable to keep up with your most ambitious training sessions or hard-fought beach runs that require extra effort and long distances—ensuring premium quality every step of the way. With New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6, run freely, knowing you have superior traction and stability at your feet.

6.   Adidas Ultraboost 21

 Adidas Ultraboost 21

Adidas Ultraboost 21 will make your beach runs as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Its Primeknit 360 upper is lightweight and breathable, hugging your feet with a secure sock-like fit. This provides the support you need for a confident stride, even on wet surfaces or sand.

The responsive Boost midsole provides further cushioning and energy return. Additionally, the expanded Torsion System helps stabilize your steps to prevent slipping or sliding in challenging conditions.

The adaptive traction Techfit outsole offers supreme grip on different terrain, so you'll never have to worry about losing footing while running near the shoreline. With an iconic look in various styles and colors, Adidas Ultraboost 21 lets you complete any run feeling stylish and comfortable at the same time.

7.   Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

 Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

The Brooks Men's Ghost 13 Running Shoe is great for beach running. Its moisture-wicking upper allows feet to stay dry, even when running near the shoreline. The BioMoGo DNA midsole adapts to your stride providing unbeatable cushioning and impact absorption through each gait cycle. Moreover, the SegmentedCrashPad offers increased stability for smoother terrain transitions.

This reliable beach shoe also features a flexible 3D print midfoot saddle, providing extra support without slowing you down. Thus, you can run with greater security and confidence at every step. This iconic silhouette also boasts a sturdy rubber outsole that provides maximum traction and grip on wet surfaces or sand.

8.   Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

 Asics Gel-Nimbus 23

Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 is a popular choice for beach running shoes. Its FlyteFoam Lyte midsole delivers lightweight and bouncy cushioning with every step, while its reinforced SpEVA foam upper ensures greater stability and comfort.

This allows you to take on long distances without feeling weighed down. Moreover, this dependable shoe has an improved outsole with gripping traction features that can easily tackle wet surfaces or sand. The Guidance Line® technology facilitates a smooth transition throughout your gait cycle, maximizing your running efficiency at the beach even when the terrain is challenging.

A thoughtfully designed heel bevel reduces strain at impact, too. This is perfect for protecting your feet from injuries over time.

9.   Altra Escalante 2.5

 Altra Escalante 2.5

Altra Escalante 2.5 is one of the best beach running shoes available today. This sleek silhouette features a Quantic midsole with an updated Altra EGO™ foam and a guide-rail system to align your foot properly, providing superior cushioning and support with each stride.

Its Zero Drop platform offers natural foot positioning on all surfaces, encouraging an optimal balance between pronation and supination. This delivers extra protection and flexibility even when running near the shoreline.

The upgraded knit upper ensures increased breathability. The innovative drainage pumps help water escape from within the shoe, keeping your feet dry during hot or rainy weather conditions at the beach.

An integrated medial stabilizing strap allows custom fit adjustment to meet individual needs, so you never have to worry about slipping or sliding with this secure footwear choice.

10.  Hoka One One Mach 4

 Hoka One One Mach 4

Hoka One One Mach 4 is the perfect pair of beach running shoes for anyone seeking an enjoyable yet challenging workout experience. Its PROFLY X midsole delivers enhanced responsiveness and a softer landing for extra cushioning on wet surfaces or sand. At the same time, its breathable mesh upper ensures feet remain cool even when running in hot climates.

In addition, its Secure-Fit lacing system adds a secure lockdown fit, preventing distractions while tackling long distances. This lightweight silhouette also features an early-stage meta-rocker that promotes faster strides with a smoother roll to maximize power output during your run near the water's edge.

It also has an extended heel counter that stabilizes foot positioning. This allows you to tackle tricky terrain with increased balance and agility.

Benefits of Beach Running Shoes

Beach running shows feature several benefits. Some of the common ones are as follows:

1.   Better Traction

Beach running shoes provide the ideal combination of traction and durability. You get the best grip on beach terrain with special features like textured soles, lugs, and grooves. The extra traction helps you stay firmly planted on the sand to minimize slipping, so you can maximize your speed as you run. No matter how much or little sand is present, these runners will keep going strong underfoot.

Runners also benefit from being able to pick up the pace should they find themselves in an area with more than usual amounts of sand or debris. Thanks to superior grip technology, the textured bottoms prevent any skidding while propelling forward. Thus, confidently running across the beach starts with a good pair of shoes with superior traction.

2.   Water-Resistant Materials

Specialized beach running shoes feature materials that make them highly water-resistant. This allows your feet to remain dry and comfortable on hot days and keeps sand, sunscreen, and even sweat out of your shoes.

Synthetic fabrics are lightweight, breathable, and quick drying - great for slipping extra miles on the beach. Nylon meshes allow air to circulate, while tougher uppers keep the water out even if you plunge into a wave.

The soles have been created so they can easily be hosed down or wiped down without damaging them, making these shoes ideal for trail running after a storm or taking on an unexpected dip in the ocean. Beach runners love nothing more than being able to tackle the terrain ahead with confidence knowing their cushioned sneakers will survive any enduring elements!

3.   Lightweight Design

Beach running shoes are designed with a lightweight build, so they won't weigh you down as you move along sand and shorelines. Buffering foam, airbags, or no-sew overlays create extra layers of cushioning while still retaining the softness of your average sneaker. This helps provide optimal support that molds to the contours of your feet for an ideal fit and feel.

When the wind picks up, these light kicks help runners easily battle incoming guests. The shoes remain flexible yet solid toe-to-heel, so whatever comes their way will be handled without compromising comfort or control. Whether it's emergent terrain, splashing waves, or other unexpected elements, rest assured these sporty sneaks will adapt as you make waves with every step.

4.   Protection

Beach running shoes offer extra protection to keep your feet safe and free from injury. Durable outsoles provide a stable base, while side guard rails provide shock absorbency and comfort even when those banks get rockier.

The shoes also feature foot cages to ensure your feet are securely placed with every stride. Thus, no matter how wet or sandy it gets, you can remain confident in your run without feeling weighed down.

In addition, good beach runners come with toe shields that cover more surface area than standard sportswear for extra coverage. Thanks to added features, runners will be assured even on the toughest terrains, keeping them protected during and after the race.

Features to Look for in Beach Running Shoes

When shopping for beach running shoes, look for the following features:

1.   Water-Resistant Material

When it comes to beach running shoes, you need water-resistant material. This way, your feet stay cool and dry during your beach runs. There's nothing worse than soggy socks after running on sand and surf.

Look for shoes made from synthetic uppers that resist absorbing moisture, so you don't end up with wet feet after running through a splash zone. On the inside, materials like quick-drying polyester or neoprene keep water out while promoting airflow, so your feet stay cooler in the sun.

2.   Breathable Fabric

When shopping for beach running shoes, make sure they're equipped with breathable fabric. You want to keep your feet cool and comfortable while navigating sandy terrain. Look for shoes made from mesh or synthetic materials that allow air to circulate the foot and wick away sweat before it can cause discomfort.

Alternatively, try a shoe with moisture-wicking liners if you want more ventilation and water-resistant properties. Be sure your beach running shoes can keep up with whatever the waves throw at you.

3.   Lightweight

When running on the beach, lightweight shoes are essential. You don't want to be weighed down while trudging through the sand – and you certainly don't want your feet to suffer from aching muscles afterward.

Look for beach running shoes that use light technologies like foam cushioning, lycra upper materials, and carbon fiber plates so you can run your heart out without feeling weighed down. Keeping it light also gives your feet more freedom of movement so they can pivot and leap with ease around rocky sections of shoreline.

4.   Traction

Traction is an important factor when it comes to beach running shoes. No matter how light and flexible your shoes are, they must securely grip wet surfaces like sand and rocks so you don't slip or lose control on your run.

For greater surface area contact, you should look for shoes with deep lugs and wider outsole patterns. This will help you maintain traction, whether running through shallow waters or sprinting across dry land. The last thing you want is to slide while trying to have a good time.

5.   Flexibility

Flexibility is a must-have in beach running shoes. You must move freely without feeling like your feet are locked in cement. Look for lightweight uppers made from fabrics like mesh and lycra that gently contour to your feet, providing support and stretch as you go.

Moreover, ensure the soles are flexible enough to make quick turns and flex around obstacles – no one wants an awkward mid-run trip. Not only will this give you greater control over your runs, but it'll keep your feet healthy too.

How to Care for Beach Running Shoes?

Here are some tips for caring for your beach running shoes:

1.   Rinse Them with Fresh Water

It is important to rinse your beach running shoes with fresh water after every use. This helps to remove sweat, dirt, and salty ocean water that can cause corrosion and damage. You can rinse them off at the ocean's edge or quickly in a cold or warm water sink faucet. Ensure you thoroughly rinse them, so dirt doesn't build up and cause long-term damage.

Rinsing your beach running shoes is one of the easiest ways you can help keep them in top shape for years to come. Keeping your shoes clean ensures your runs will remain comfortable and enjoyable, no matter the terrain ahead.

2.   Air Dry Them

Air drying your beach running shoes is key to keeping them in good condition for longer. After a thorough rinse, leave your shoes somewhere with plenty of airflows and away from direct sunlight. If you want to speed up the process, you can stuff them with newspapers or clothes that will absorb the moisture and help them dry faster.

Depending on their wetness, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight until completely dry. But resist the temptation to put them on while they're still damp. This can cause athlete's foot or cause odor-causing bacteria growth that will persist even after fully drying out.

3.   Store Them Properly

Storing your beach running shoes properly helps keep them in good condition for longer. Always store them somewhere clean and dry, away from direct sunlight and moisture. If you have the space, store each pair inside its own mesh bag or soft cloth to prevent dust buildup, excessive wear and tear, and accidental scuffing.

It's also best to keep each pair of shoes separated from one another so that their material doesn't rub together, which can lead to premature breakdowns or snags in the fabric. If stored correctly over time, these little details will help ensure that your beach running shoes remain comfortable and look fresh as long as possible.

4.   Clean them Regularly

Cleaning your beach running shoes regularly is important to keeping them in good condition and prolonging their lifespan. Wipe down the uppers with a damp cloth right after use to remove any dirt, sweat, or saltwater that may have accumulated during your run. For deep cleaning, you can use a mild soap and brush to get into the grooves and seams of the fabric.

If there are scuffs on your soles, you can use an old toothbrush dipped in warm water to scrub away the dirt and grime over time. Depending on how often it's used and exposed to wet elements like sand or salty air, aim to give your beach running shoes a good cleaning once every few months for optimum performance.

5.   Protect Them from the Elements

Protection from the elements is essential for keeping your beach running shoes in good condition. A waterproof coating, such as a spray or wax, can help protect them from salt water, sweat, and dirt. If you wear them during wet conditions, waterproof the bottom of your shoes to protect against mud and puddles.

Always check the manufacturer's instructions before applying any coating, and take extra care when spraying or waxing so that you don't get any on the upper part of your shoe, which could damage it over time. By taking these simple precautions every few months, you'll get more mileage from your beach running shoes.

Final Thoughts

The right pair of beach running shoes can make all the difference in your performance and overall experience. When choosing a shoe, it's important to consider factors such as cushioning, support, breathability, and weight.

The shoes on this list are all excellent options for beach runners and have been designed with these factors in mind. Whatever shoe you choose, ensure it's comfortable and fits well to help you achieve your running goals and enjoy your time on the beach.

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Hit the Beach with Confidence! Try Loom's Beach Running Shoes for Ultimate Grip and Comfort. Your Sandy Adventure Awaits!

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