List the Best Shoes to Wear With a Jumpsuit and Mix & Match Tips!

List the Best Shoes to Wear With a Jumpsuit and Mix & Match Tips!

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After two years of fashion hibernation, it's time to put on your favorite outfits in 2022. The year's events have allowed fashion enthusiasts to showcase the trendiest of outfits.

Whether you want to attend a party or go for brunch with your friends, a jumpsuit is the chicest outfit and deservingly so! So if you're done trying to match shoes with your jumpsuit, here are some chic footwear ideas to help solve your fashion problems!

Trendy Shoes for Styling a Jumpsuit in 2022

From casual wear to formal dressing, putting on a jumpsuit with the right accessories can help you stand out from the crowd. This evergreen outfit can be paired with a variety of footwear. Plus, it's super comfortable!

But what are the latest trends, and how are people displaying their jumpsuits with stylish footwear? Here is our list of the best shoes to pair with your jumpsuit if you wish to have something affordable yet stylish! You may also want to check out that some shoes not only stylish but also cruelty-free.

1.   Clear Heels

Jumpsuits are incredibly comfortable, so if you're looking to mix and match your outfit with comfortable footwear and accessories, clear block heels will serve a purpose. These sturdy heels are easy to wear, making a strong fashion statement in 2022.

 Clear Heels

Clear block heels are classic and neutral; thus, they complement every type of jumpsuit. If you're looking for a neutral look, these classic sturdy heels will suit your needs. They are not only stylish but also chunky and durable.

Moreover, you can style them however you want. For example, suppose you're attending a party on the weekend; you can simply throw on a fancy jumpsuit and wear your favorite clear block heels with golden accessories.

But if you have to run errands, you can wear these heels with a casual jumpsuit as they will become your go-to pair of footwear! So if you're looking to level up your footwear game, investing in this pair of clear block heels have you covered!

They come with adjustable straps, so they'll be a perfect fit. All you have to do is adjust the buckle according to your shoe size for maximum comfort, and you’re good to go!

2.   Black Wedges

Whether you're headed to work or to attend a formal event, pairing your jumpsuit with black wedges will make you look chic. Black wedges complement jumpsuits with semi-wide legs, showcasing a timeless style!

 Black Wedges

 So if you're opting for a semi-formal look, you can pair your jumpsuit with basic black wedges to make a subtle fashion statement.

You can also carry your black wedges with denim jumpsuits as it helps create an excellent combination since wedges have nicely bunched fabric. You can invest in a black tote bag and carry it with your denim jumpsuits for a more trendy look!

3.   Studded Sandals

Studded sandals have made a strong fashion statement this year. From styling them with jeans to dresses to wearing them with casual jumpsuits, these embellished casual studded sandals add a touch of uniqueness to your outfits.

These sandals are attractive footwear because they're embellished with pyramid-shaped studs. If you want to add a fancy touch to your jumpsuit, you need to invest in a pair of studded sandals. They are available in a wide range of prints and styles, so you can choose the one that suits your outfit the most.

 Studded Sandals

They're available in classic black and brown tones that complement every type of jumpsuit. In addition, you can buy the ones with the snake print to create a chic look.

Studded sandals have adjustable straps, so you can adjust the metal buckle according to your foot size for maximum comfort. In addition, the cushioned footbed is lightweight and soft, allowing you to wear these sandals for an extended period without hurting your feet.

So if you're stumped for footwear ideas, invest in a stylish pair of versatile studded sandals and pair them with every type of jumpsuit!

4.   Fancy Stilettos

Fancy stilettos are an all-time favorite. If you wish to dress up a little extra, you can pair your jumpsuit with detailed rhinestone stilettos for a more glamorous look. These classy heels come with a fancy detailed ankle strap with a buckle closure and open almond toe style.

 Fancy Stilettos

These are perfect for long jumpsuits with wide legs, adding more to your height. The four-inch heel isn't uncomfortable as these stilettos have an excellent grip.

If you're wearing a casual cotton or linen jumpsuit, you can style it with embellished stilettos and a fancy bag for a strong fashion statement.

5.   Loom Knit Sneakers

If you're vaguely aware of the fashion trends of 2022, you must have heard about sustainable and more relaxed footwear. The fashion movement promotes products such as knit sneakers as they are a trifecta of style, functionality, and comfort.

 Loom Knit Sneakers

You do not have to compromise comfort for luxury anymore as this novel footwear comes in the trendiest colors that go with every outfit. So whether you're wearing a casual jumpsuit to work or attending an evening dinner on Sunday, pairing your clothes with Loom's knit sneakers will help you stay comfortable and give you a sleek look.

Loom's knit sneakers are preferred for their ideal style and practicality; thus, they have become a must-buy in 2022. In addition, these well-cushioned knit sneakers are impact-resistant and waterproof.

Besides this, they are made from highly breathable material and a soft sole that maximizes comfort. Due to this, they are the perfect go-to footwear you can own. Moreover, knit sneakers are waterproof and suitable for all seasons.

100% waterproof shoes

6.   Ballet Flats

Whether you have to run errands on a weekday or check-in at work, wearing your jumpsuit with ballet flat shoes can help make your trendy jumpsuit more casual. If you don't want that extra touch of glamour, you can wear a simple narrow-legged jumpsuit with neutral-toned ballet flats for a subtle fashion statement.

 Ballet Flats

In 2022, many celebrities are wearing their fancy outfits with solid ballet flats. This footwear is trending because it is very comfortable and stylish. So if you want to wear something for an extended period without having your feet hurt, you should invest in a pair of ballet flats.

Ballet flats have a memory foam insole that keeps your feet stable. They also feature an ankle protection design. You can casually slide your feet into the ballet flats, and you're good to go!

So if you don't own ballet flats yet, it's time to purchase a neutral pair with a minimalist design to wear with a variety of jumpsuits.


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7.   Pumps

Do you want to feel like a true diva in no time? Then, pair your favorite jumpsuit with colorful pumps to add a pop to your outfit. Pumps are versatile and trendy, and you can wear them with almost every outfit.


It all depends on the color you pick and the additional accessories you want to wear. For example, if you're wearing wide-legged jumpsuits with narrow waists, you can opt for pumps with high heels. But if you want to wear denim jumpsuits or something more casual, you can pair it up with solid colored pumps to amp the look.

You can also purchase pumps with printed upper material for a more chic look. This is why pumps are among the trendiest and the most comfortable footwear in 2022. In addition, you can wear the same outfit with different styles of pumps to create a different look.

For example, you can wear solid-colored pumps with your casual single-tone jumpsuit for a casual look. If you want to be a little extra, you can wear embellished printed pumps to add a pop to your outfit. So if you're unsure about your shoes, add pumps to your wardrobe to solve all your future footwear problems!

8.   Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are a wise fashion choice for 2022 as they complement every outfit. You can pair them with your finest cropped tops, jumpsuits, jackets, and dresses, and they'll never fail to steal the show!

They are perfect for every occasion as they are incredibly versatile and give you a little more height. These shoes are suitable for fashion enthusiasts that wear longer jumpsuits.

 Platform Sneakers

However, if you want to wear a short jumpsuit with rolled ankles, you must have a pair of platform sneakers as they'll elevate your look!

Also, if you want something basic, you can always buy your all-time favorite all-star converse. These high tops are comfortable and super-durable!

However, for a subtle look, you should look into solid-colored lace-up platform sneakers as they are effortless to walk in, protect your feet from sores, and create a minimalist look for your outfit!

The Bottomline

With these eight trendy shoes, you will realize that impracticality is never an option in 2022. Instead, you have to make more sensible footwear choices to create a chic look.

These footwear options will add comfort and elevate your jumpsuit's overall look! So if you're missing out on a trendy pair, it is time to go on a shopping spree!


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