New Shoes That Just Came Out | Release Date & Where to Buy Them

New Shoes That Just Came Out | Release Date & Where to Buy Them

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The feeling of being the first few people to get the coolest-looking shoes in town gives your ego a little boost and your feet a new look.

In 2022, get a taste of ground-breaking designs for your feet. From cool shapes to your comfortable and dependable retro shoes. The year is filled with unexpected partnerships, futuristic designs, and statement pieces that will uplift any closet!

Best New Shoes That Just Came Out

If you want to know which latest designs are hot right now, thank us later. We took it upon ourselves to compile the best pair of newly released shoes that are up for grabs!

Here is a list of all the best new releases you need in 2022 to rock an effortlessly cool and chic look!

Loom Waterproof Trainers

If you are looking for super comfortable yet super cool rain shoes, this is precisely what you need!

 Loom Waterproof Trainers

The loom waterproof trainers would be brilliant for school runs and going out for dog walks or to grab your coffee every morning. White or black, or maybe both! We all need a pair of these in our closets.

The shoes have a good grip on the bottom and a lovely solid sole. They look like they are really heavy, but trust they are light and, of course, flexible. It is waterproof, so if you want to dip it in some water, you’ll see the tiny water droplets forming right on top of it.

In addition, it has moisture-wicking type technology, and the fabric used makes them breathable and anti-odor. 

The design on the upper has a knit mesh which makes it very breathable. The way this shoe is designed, it’s easier to keep it clean, which saves you a lot of time! There’s also plenty of flexibility which adds to the excellent running experience.

The shoe’s main feature is that it's waterproof, which makes it the shoe of your dreams since you can wear it anywhere without worrying too much about the dirt.

 100% waterproof loom shoes

This shoe is perfect for walking on a rainy day in the city to light hiking. This sleek wear helps you be ready for whatever comes at you! Be it dew on the grass or a puddle of water you jumped off to get back on the trail. Anything works!

Since the rainy days are back, all my ladies, it’s time to get your hands on this beautiful pair of sneakers, the Loom Waterproof Sneakers - Women are city-appropriate and designed for outdoor activities in mind.

They are lightweight, breathable, and earth-friendly. These shoes are brilliant for rainy days to help with shallow puddles and potentially wet or muddy conditions.

They look like they’re really heavy, but surprisingly they’re not. Instead, they’re lightweight and are perfect for everyday activities.

We also liked that we could wear these sneakers in all weather conditions, from running daily errands to light nature walks (with lots of puddles) without risking the shoe’s integrity. It keeps its shape throughout and, most importantly, keeps your feet dry!

Adidas Men's Ultraboost 22 Running Shoe

For sure, Adidas has been the top brand for the latest designs and trendsetter footwear. The Ultraboost 22 is no exception; the previous version of the shoe, the Ultraboost 21, was just as big of a hit as this one. The release date of this product is 2nd December 2021, and it is now available on Amazon.

 Adidas Men's Ultraboost 22 Running Shoe

This shoe’s upper heavilyutilises recycled materials, which we’re a massive fan of. Additionally, the knit on the upper of the shoe is Primeknit, as long-time Adidas fans would probably already know.

50% of the yarn used in the Primeknit is made of parley recycled ocean plastic. The yarn feels very soft and stretchy, so it is comfortable on foot. On the toe of the shoe, you’ll notice lots of ventilation holes, making an arrow shape.

The arrow shape on the toe gives it a very speedy look that will make you feel like Flash! This is a pretty breathable shoe, and you’re never going to overheat in the sneaker even when you are going on a long run.

The classic Adidas Ultraboost got an exposed heel counter with a matte finish look with the Ultraboost text and gloss. Grab yours now!

Nike Men's Air Max Plus Reversed Sunset Running Shoes

The Nike Mens Air Max Plus Reversed Sunset Running Shoes in mystic red and cosmic clay! Nike does that weird thing with its names that never fails to get our attention!

 Nike Men's Air Max Plus Reversed Sunset Running Shoes

Made with 100% synthetic material and rubber sole, the shoes are sturdy and fashionable. The shoes are made to increase traction while you walk or run and keep some bounce in your steps.

This pair of shoes is also known as the “reverse sunset,” which technically is sunrise? However, it is a beautiful combination of that brilliant orange, yellow and red hues! Perfect to wear with a monotone set, these pair of shoes will be the statement piece of every outfit!

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton Edge Running

The HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton Edge Running is the evolution of the 10, 9 Hoka shoes, more like the lighter version. The first date available for this pair of shoes on Amazon is 1st January 2022!

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Clifton Edge Running 

This pair of shoes are known for their exceptional comfort for road running, and the removable insole is added for extra support and cushioning, which helps double the comfort.

The ride is best described as “walking on clouds,” the kind of shoe people enjoy running in. The most notable feature is the extended heel of the shoe, which provides a smoother transition from the heel to the toe. As a result, it gives a stable fly down the hill and a smooth landing.

Hoka attracted its fan base by increasing the cushioning without adding a lot of weight to the shoe. It’s big in every way possible - wider sole, extended heel cap, and renowned thick midsole, the details on this bad boy are crazy!

Nonetheless, it may look a little big and clumsy, but the feel and comfort of the shoes are unmatched! 

The light and breathable upper mesh that hugs around the foot fits perfectly! The shoe tongue - the piece of the shoe just under the laces, is attached to the shoe with an elasticated band to provide an even more excellent fit around the instep. This has to be your number one go-to casual style running shoe!

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Nike Men's Air Vapormax Evo

The Nike Men's Air Vapormax Evo 'Wolf Grey' Fashion Sneaker, as the name suggests, is nothing less than what feels like being a runner.

 Nike Men's Air Vapormax Evo

It’s not just the grey color, it’s the feel of it. For all the fanatics of Twilight, these are for you! Starting from the shoe’s sole, there’s a vapormax outsole with the air units, pods, black sitting on white rubber, the translucent pods, and the grey towards the heel. The first date available for this shoe is 10 December 2021, on Amazon.

It’s got a white midsole with a touch of black and translucent grey towards the heels. One thing about this shoe is that it's a bit bulkier than any other vapormax.

Nike did a great job with the materials and colors to make the shoe stand out. In addition, the glossy signature swoosh gives it some great shine.

Conceptually it is a fantastic idea of the meshing together of many evolutions of Nike Air. Still, the execution of too much craziness is what makes it even cooler! Evolve the look and feel of everything at max with this pair of Nikes Air Vapormax Evo.

It’s not just a great running shoe, but the vibe is the most impressive part of this shoe. It’s a fantastic shoe, and even the box represents the entire concept behind the shoe. This one is a must-have, no cap!

New Balance Men's 327 Suede Trainers

The New Balance Men's 327 Suede Trainers, Grey, talking about these bad boys, these trainers are based on new bands seventies silhouettes, which gives this meaning and purpose with the history. The first date available for this shoe is November 4, 2021; you can easily find it on Amazon.

 New Balance Men's 327 Suede Trainers

These baddies come in three different colors. It’s a combination of a few new balanced heritage silhouettes. All three of these colors are designed to be worn on runs and during other straightforward workouts.

Although their general weightlessness is a W, these sneakers feel light — and, frankly, flimsy when you're moving at a faster pace. The shoe is perfect for a day out since the upper material is relatively thin, making the shoe lightweight, which is the best thing about this particular pair of shoes.

It’s affordable, a pretty inexpensive lifestyle shoe with decent quality. This is the perfect everyday shoe. Nothing can go wrong with this shoe, it’s classy, relaxed, and comfortable. So, grab yours now and get on board!

Adidas Men's UltraBoost 4.0

The Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 4.0, the entire upper is covered in 4.0 prime black. The only difference from the previous versions is the actual texture of the Primeknit itself.

 Adidas Men's UltraBoost 4.0

The Primeknit pattern changed a little bit from the UltraBoost 3.0. Rather than a more digital random strip, they opted for a much more linear look this time around.

Textured stripe ribs run throughout the upper body of the shoe, but a few perforations exist between each toe box.

Since the prime itself seems to be a little thicker and a little bit less stretchy, you can walk around in these in colder conditions. Because it is ever so slightly thicker, it’s also ever so slightly warmer. 

Make sure to try on the shoe to make sure the shoe fits you perfectly! This is definitely a good standby sneaker. 

The release date for this pair of shoes is November 10, 2020, on Amazon, and there are only a few pieces left of the shoes. The immense comfort of the shoe makes it a popular choice for many.

Upcoming Releases Dates

With the coming of winters, a new range of stylish shoes gives you not only comfort but also the warmth to keep safe from the weather conditions.

Here we present to you the upcoming releases to match your taste and personality. Just take a look at them and find the one for you!

  • Air Jordan 13 Retro "Court Purple” (January 8, 2022)
  • ACU x Li-Ning 50/50 (January 8, 2022)
  • New Balance 550 (January 8, 2022)
  • Adidas Superturf Adventure (January 11, 2022)
  • Nike Air Huarache "Off Noir" (January 12, 2022)
  • Prada x Adidas Forum High (January 13, 2022)
  • Prada x Adidas Forum Low "Triple Black" (January 13, 2022)
  • Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" (January 13, 2022)
  • Adidas Gil Zero Restomod "UNDRCRWN" (January 14, 2022)
  • Air Jordan 4 Retro "Red Thunder" (January 15, 2022)
  • Adidas Dame 8 "Dame Time" (January 15, 2022)
  • Adidas Y-3 Runner 4D Halo (January 15, 2022)
  • Air Jordan 1 Mid (January 18, 2022)


The shoes are a part of us, and people fall in love with them every day. It presents 80% of the outfit. Shoes are the indicator of well put your outfit and dare we say, the most important part about any outfit.

It's weird how a pair of shoes can tell a lot about a person. It tells us if people give attention to detail and so much more.

With these newly released pairs of shoes, you can experiment and explore different fashion choices and add some fun to your closet.


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