Why Waterproof Sneakers Are Great Investment?

Why Waterproof Sneakers Are Great Investment?

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Rain and chilly winter days make you want to wear shoes that keep your feet dry and warm. On the other hand, on hot summer days, you want to don footwear that keeps your feet sweat-free.

Similarly, you look for comfortable shoes if you have a standing job. Luckily, there is one type of shoe that is the single solution to all these situations: waterproof sneakers.

In this article, we have put a list of the most popular waterproof sneakers, which are also the best shoes for standing on concrete all day at the same time.

We have also discussed why waterproof sneakers are a great investment for you. So let's dig in.

 100% waterproof shoes

What Are Waterproof Sneakers?

Waterproof sneakers work just like your raincoat. If you accidentally make a splash in a puddle of water or meet an unexpected rain episode, waterproof sneakers work in a way to not let water penetrate the shoe.

They also allow your feet to breathe at the same time. They don't let water from outside reach your feet and let sweat from your feet evaporate out, leaving your feet dry all day long.

What makes waterproof sneakers more attractive is the level of comfort they offer. Unlike those bulky leather rain boots, these sneakers are super flexible and let you perform various activities with ease.

How Are Waterproof Sneakers Made?

These sneakers use synthetic leathers, pure leathers, rubbers, and synthetic materials like neoprene and polyurethane in their construction. Some companies use Gore-tex fabrics as waterproofing agents in footwear.

This fabric is a membrane lining that has a composition of stretched polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It also allows water vapors (from your sweat) to escape from the shoe while keeping the shoe lightweight.


Merino wool in waterproof sneakers is also becoming popular, obtained from special Merino sheep in Australia.


In combination with other synthetic waterproofing agents, the wool creates a breathable environment that keeps water away from your feet.

Benefits Of Waterproof Sneakers

Following are some of the benefits these sneakers have to offer:

Rain Proofing

If you walk to work, then you probably opt for rain boots if it is pouring outside. But rain boots aren't allowed at work, so you always need to carry your work shoes with you if you wear them.

Moreover, if it rains unexpectedly in winter, your shoes get wet and don't ever dry, leaving your feet damp and cold to give you the shivers for hours, making it impossible to carry out any activity.

Investing in waterproof sneakers is a smart alternative. Not only do they keep your feet safe from water, but they stay dry too. And, since sneakers go well when paired with dress pants, they are great for work.

So, if you buy a pair, you can wear them and forget about the rainy season's problems.

Affordability With Trendiness

Not all trendy shoes break your bank. Waterproof sneakers are one of them. Even the most renowned brands have these sneakers priced at affordable rates.

Some of them have prices in the $100 to $200 range, but most waterproof sneakers are below $100.

Lately, every other model on fashion week runways is seen wearing sneakers. Therefore, there is nothing better than investing in a pair of shoes that’s trendy and functional at the same time.


Another essential quality of waterproof sneakers is the level of comfort they have to offer. Most waterproof sneakers are designed to keep your feet warm in winter and sweat-free in summer, especially those by Loom footwear.

They have fabrics that wick away moisture, so you can wear them to the gym or use them for your morning jogging session. These sneakers will never let you meet a sweaty, smelly feet situation after an exercising session.

And, since they have rubber outsoles, they offer slip resistance.

Moreover, all waterproof sneakers come with quality insoles to provide a cushioning effect to your feet. Insoles prevent blisters, bunions, and foot aches, keeping your feet comfy all day long.

Above all, these shoes are washable too, allowing you to make them look new now and then.

Versatile Footwear

You can wear these sneakers to run errands in winter, put them on for a boating trip in summer,  or sport them in your aerobic class.


If you have a job that keeps you on your feet for long hours, these sneakers are the best shoes standing on concrete all day.

Men can wear them with suits, especially when wearing T-shirts underneath. At the same time, women can show them off with short skirts, dresses of all lengths, baggy jeans, and Bermuda shorts.

Recently, even brides have been seen wearing them under lovely white gowns.

Our Top 3 Waterproof Sneakers: Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete All Day

Here are the top three waterproof sneakers that you are bound to fall in love with:

Loom Waterproof Sneakers

These stylish sneakers have all the qualities you can look for in a shoe. Loom footwear beats the rest by using high-quality materials in the construction of these sneakers.

 Loom Flexible shoes

The use of Merino Wool in its interior does all the magic in this shoe. The outside has an H2-Go layer of waterproof material lined underneath by a four-way stretching water-resistant merino wool layer.

It is followed by a soft mesh layer with cosmo technology. This construction provides your footwear with an unmatchable level of waterproofing.

Secondly, the insoles of Loom footwear have merino wool too, which provides maximum cushioning and stabilization to feet, preventing aches and pressure blisters.

Thirdly, its rubber soles are designed by podiatrists to absorb shock, saving you from ankle strains and knee and shin injuries.

Conclusively, Loom waterproof sneakers are the best shoes for standing on concrete all day.


Category: Men and women

Colors: Black and white

Lining: 100% waterproof H2-go layer with Merino wool and synthetic mesh in 3D Cosmo technology

Soles: Merino wool insole and midsole, Excelcast rubber outsoles with high traction.

Cost: $99

Dansko Paisley Sneaker

Dansko has put forth this iconic model with a design that will save your feet from rain, cold weather, and foot aches. This sneaker has a construction that combines both aesthetics and comfort.

 Dansko Paisley Sneaker

Visible stitches and needlework make these shoes appear stylish, whereas a triple density removable insole provides arch support and shock absorption for maximum comfort.

Moreover, a built-in shank and padded collars also add to the stability of walking in these sneakers. It has uppers in suede that make them 100% waterproof.

The suede is treated with 3M Scotchgard™, which makes it stain resistant. A Dupont™Sorona® fiber lining helps wick away moisture, and CleansportNXT™ technology controls odor.

What makes this sneaker durable is its Vibram® rubber outsole, which provides a high grip on dry surfaces like concrete and snow.

Conclusively, buying a pair of Dansko Paisley Sneakers will help you rock all your outfits, especially skirts, without having to sacrifice comfort.


Category: Women

Colors: Black, navy, grey, walnut

Lining: Pigskin suede uppers with 3M Scotchgard™, Dupont™Sorona®, and CleansportNXT™ technology

Soles: EVA midsole, Vibram® rubber outsole

Cost: $145

Vessi Cityscape Sneaker

If you want a pair of waterproof sneakers that are super lightweight, go for the Vessi Cityscape sneaker.

 Vessi Cityscape Sneaker

Although Vessi came into existence in 2018, this Vancouver-based company had already made its mark in the footwear industry by making superior quality shoes that are all waterproof.

We loved its Vessi Cityscape, which gives you an airy comfort, weighing only 6.7 ounces. This sneaker is 100% waterproof and is constructed in an eco-friendly way.

The use of Dyma-tex technology in the uppers makes these sneakers breathable yet waterproof at the same time. The upper is made of four-way stretchable fabric that is knitted so that the membrane has over a million tiny holes in it.

These holes allow heat and moisture to escape. The water-repellent layer added on top of the knitted fabric helps to keep water out.

The removable EVA insoles in these sneakers cushion your feet while also keeping them odor-free, thanks to their antibacterial properties.

Moreover, since its outsole provides 4-way traction through its signature wave grip design, these sneakers are slip-resistant. Therefore, you can wear the Cityscape sneakers on ice and slippery surfaces fearlessly.


Category: Men

Color: Storm Black, charcoal grey

Lining: Dyma-tex fabric lining

Soles: EVA midsole and insole, rubber outsole

Cost: $135

Maintenance Tips for Waterproof Sneakers

Like everything else, your sneakers need cleaning and maintenance too. Here are a few tips:

  • For mesh uppers: Use a dry soft bristle brush to dust off the dirt. And then wipe it clean by using a soft wet rag.
  • For synthetic leather uppers: Use a rag dipped in a solution of mild laundry detergent and water for cleaning. Follow by scrubbing with a soft brush and finish with a wet rag.
  • For Knit: Use a soft cloth dipped in a soap solution for removing stains. Then wipe clean with a wet cloth and let it air dry.

 100% waterproof shoes


Instead of loading your wardrobe with tons of shoes, go ahead and pick yourself a pair or two of waterproof sneakers. This way, you will not only pamper your feet but also enjoy every season to the fullest.

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