Thanksgiving 2024: The 7 Sneakers You Can Actually Wear to Dinner

Thanksgiving 2024: The 7 Sneakers You Can Actually Wear to Dinner

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November is drawing closer with each passing day which means there’s less time to plan for Thanksgiving. This special event gives us the time to reunite with family and enjoy delicious meals. As such, most of us plan to do it in style.

More often than not, we decide to wear those snazzy-looking outfits to stand out from the crowd but it’s not a good idea.

The Thanksgiving look should be kept conservative, elegant, and casual to enjoy the meal with ease. Whether traveling for dinner or hosting a party, it’s a smart move in either case.

To help you decide on an outfit this Thanksgiving, we’ve curated a list of the most comfortable sneakers, including waterproof casual shoes.

But a casual look doesn’t imply a boring outfit; read on to know how to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner in style this year without sacrificing your comfort.

The 7 Sneakers You Can Actually Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is not all fun and games; you might be traveling (to attend the dinner), cooking (when hosting the dinner), and meeting the family. Therefore, compromising on your outfit is a terrible idea.

It’s best to go with comfy sneakers along with an elegant-looking outfit that keeps you relaxed during dinner.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best sneakers you can wear on Thanksgiving dinner without hurting your look.

1.   Loom Waterproof Casual Shoes for Women

 Loom Causal Footwear

Whether you plan to wear a skirt or pants, waterproof casual shoes will go well with your outfit.

Comfort is the first thing to seek if you’re hosting a dinner at your place, and the rest will fall into place automatically.

If your footwear is uncomfortable and your feet are sore as you walk around the kitchen baking the dishes, it can get challenging.

However, these shoes for women are super comfortable with the perfect cushioning system. As such, they’ll prevent sores and injuries. 

 LOOM - waterproof sneakers

You might think they'll feel heavy on your feet, but they are lightweight and thus reduce fatigue.

-What else is good? They are made of breathable material, so your feet won’t sweat as you hang around with your family. Nevertheless, if you have sweating issues, know that these sneakers are antibacterial and prevent foot odor by destroying sweat bacteria.

If you like to keep your style classy and bold, you can opt for black waterproof casual shoes for women; however, white sneakers will do if you prefer a chic look.

2.   New Balance Men’s 608 V5

Are you unsure what to wear with your blue jeans and white upper? Well, New Balance Men’s shoes are the way to go.

 new balance Men's 608 V 5

If you opt for blue jeans and a white upper, you can go with black sneakers. However, if you plan to wear a different outfit, you have more options.

The variety of colors in New Balance Men shoes won’t disappoint you.

In addition to black sneakers, they are available in a range of other color combinations, including white/navy, black/white, chocolate/navy,  pigment/gunmetal, grey suede, white/black/silver, and the list goes on.

The company doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort either. The shoes are made up of 100% leather, which gives a premium feel. So, you don’t have to worry about your Thanksgiving shoes looking too casual.

Moreover, the soft rubber sole adds to the comfort. So, in case you’re traveling miles away with shoes on for long hours, your feet won’t hurt.

What’s more, if you’re prone to sweating, know that the midsole absorbs it with a combination of compression resistance and absorbent cushioning. Hence, they can make up for a fabulous outfit idea this Thanksgiving.

3.   Reebok Men’s CL Leather

If you plan to wear brown pants with a navy blue sweater, white Reebok Men’s CL Leather sneakers are all you need.

 Reebok Mens Leather shoes

But here’s the thing, they are not limited to white color; in case you have a different outfit idea in your head, Reebok caters to your needs with a range of colors.

You have the option to choose from black/gum, white/gum, horizon/blue/white, duck sea stone/chalk, blue note/ chalk, cappuccino/ Toffee/ Hot chocolate, and a lot more!

Think of a color, and you’ll find it on the list. But the versatility isn’t limited to colors; there’s more to it.

Whether you’re traveling for Thanksgiving dinner or inviting the guests over, Reebok sneakers take your comfort and style into consideration.

The soft leather and cozy cushioning keep your feet at ease, and the spiky bottom adds to a sleek look.

Also, if you want your sneakers to lend a slight boost to your height, these sneakers are a perfect choice as their bottom sole is thick.

Lastly, all you need to decide is the color that goes well with your outfit!

4.   Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

Think of a sneaker, and Adidas black-striped white sneakers are the first ones to spring to your mind. Even so, their popularity doesn't mean they can't make a statement as fashionable sneakers.

 Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

The cool thing about these ever-green sneakers is that they go well just with any outfit (unless you wear vintage clothing).

So whether you want to wear a top and pants, skirt, jumpsuit, or leggings, you can wear these shoes without worrying about your style.

The best part? Adidas offers value not just in terms of style but also in terms of quality and comfort.

These shoes are equipped with pillow-soft cushioning to take care of your feet. They are also light on your feet, and you can wear them for long hours without getting your feet or ankle hurt.

What’s more, they are made up of durable leather that can last for years to come; so, if you’re investing in these shoes, know that they aren’t one-time wear.

When Thanksgiving is over, you can wear them for a jog outside, while heading to the university, or when playing tennis on a local court. Options are endless, and it’s up to you how you utilize them after Thanksgiving.

5.   Waterproof Casual Shoes for Men

 Casual Shoes Men

Do you like to keep your comfort before anything else? Loom Waterproof casual shoes are all you need.

A few men prefer style over comfort, while others seek comfort before considering fashion. Whether you’re from the former group or the latter, Loom waterproof casual shoes have you covered.

They are cozy, comfortable, and stylish. On top of that, they are a perfect fit regardless of your age. So, whether you’re an adult or older male, you can opt for these without fretting over age-related style factors.

It’s time to say goodbye to those pain-inflicting, uncomfortable sneakers because Loom footwear maximizes comfort with a perfect cushioning system. If you’re prone to strain and sore feet when wearing shoes for long hours, know that these shoes are super comfortable.

What’s more, if you tend to sweat while wearing shoes, know that they are anti-bacterial and would eliminate the foul odor of bacteria right away.

You might assume that their super absorbent material would give your feet a hot flushing sensation.

However, they are made of a breathable material that absorbs sweat and releases moisture into the air to prevent rashes.

Perfect Pair for Your Evening: Loom's Lightweight Casual Shoes for a Relaxing Dinner Experience

 Loom 100% waterproof shoes

Lastly, you have the option to choose from black and white colors. You can consider the one that goes well with your outfit.

White shoes typically go well with darker outfits, while black ones go well just with any color.

6.   Steve Madden Women’s Starling Sneaker

If you’re more into a flattering, trendy, and chic style, then Steve Madden Women Starling shoes might suit you best.

 Madden Women’s Starling Sneaker

You can rock these sneakers with a cute polo dress with leggings or ripped jeans and a long coat.

The interesting thing is, there isn’t one color. These sneakers are available in white multi, black multi, and gold snake colors.

While black and white multi will go well with a polo dress, you can opt for a gold snake color if you plan to wear jeans paired with a coat or jacket. They will perfectly complement your Thanksgiving outfit.

Style apart, these sneakers are super comfortable and light on the feet. So, you won’t have to worry about feeling any sort of discomfort while attending the dinner.

7.   ALDO Men’s Preilia Casual Sneaker

If you’re in for a sophisticated look this Thanksgiving, then ALDO Men’s Preilia Sneakers is the way to go!

 ALDO Men’s Preilia Casual Sneaker

While casual black and white sneakers pair well with leather jackets and coats, if you plan to wear a dress shirt with a classy suit jacket (or coat), ALDO shoes will blend in perfectly.

They are sober, elegant, and bold.

But here’s the best part, they are made of durable material that offers consistent grip, and the rubber soles are pretty comfortable.

Furthermore, the almond toes add to the handsome profile of these sneakers.

Also, they are available in five different colors, including black, cognac, black smooth, navy multi, and medium brown.

You can select the color based on your outfit.

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What Not to Wear On Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving Day

Before we discuss the sneakers you can wear to Thanksgiving dinner, we’d like to give you a glimpse of what not to wear on Thanksgiving.

While these outfit ideas may seem exciting, they are a huge turn-off considering the occasion.

Perhaps we all know that Thanksgiving is about cooking and eating for the most part, and if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes or a dress, you’ll likely regret it.

When you’re drinking, eating, and hanging around with family, you’ll certainly want to look stylish, but comfort is the key to Thanksgiving dinner.

I mean, if you’re adjusting your outfit now and then or feeling a sense of discomfort in those long heels, you won’t enjoy socializing. So, here are the shoes or outfits to avoid at all costs.

High Heels

When planning for a Thanksgiving outfit as a woman, high heels are probably the first shoes to cross your mind, and for good reasons. They give an ultra-modern feel and boost your confidence.

But it’s a little hard to walk on heels even when you’re sober. Now, consider yourself getting drunk at dinner and stumbling like a giraffe once you leave the table. Sounds embarrassing, right?

While we certainly do not advise you to show up at the dinner in flip-flops, you can opt for shorter heels.

Rigid Jeans

Jeans with no stretch might look cool before having dinner. But once you devour that roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and Brussel sprouts with a couple of wine glasses, you might feel trouble catching a few breaths.

Even if you have a flat belly, there’s a high chance you might feel bloated after eating a variety of food at dinner. Therefore, it’s best to go with stretchy jeans that’ll give you a sigh of relief.

Fringe Dress

We all adore fringe dresses from the ’70s, and why not? They are classy, exquisite, and ever-green. On top of that, they give a gorgeous look.

But wait, consider this: You haven’t even begun your dinner, and those dangly bits plan to take a bath in a gravy boat. What a pain! Isn’t it?

To avoid this not-so-cool experience, make sure you do not wear anything with fringe. Whether it’s a bracelet, jacket, scarf, maxi, tank-top, or even your clutch, keep it for some other event but not Thanksgiving. 

Feather Sweater

Feather sweaters are cozy and cute, and wearing one on Thanksgiving is a not-so-bad idea. But how about a replacement with a leather jacket?

Thanksgiving is about eating the turkey and not being one. So, make sure you plan an outfit that adds to your elegance and doesn’t look awkward.

Final Words

Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the blessings of the past year and spending quality time with your family.

You might have chosen your best outfit and prepared the most palatable dishes for the day, but if you didn’t keep your comfort in mind, what’s the point of celebration, anyway?

Make sure you opt for a comfortable dress and comfy shoes that’ll add to your fun and laughter. Remember, it’s a casual dinner with family and not a wedding event. Ditch those uncomfortably long heels and opt for something sophisticated and comfy.

Hopefully, our list of the best sneakers and waterproof casual shoes will help you make a choice.


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