Can Fashion Sneakers be Comfortable?

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If you've taken a look at your social media timelines, you'll be able to see a lot of influencers and celebrities collaborating with various shoe brands. While most of these sneakers look very stylish, are they really comfortable?

Well, honestly, it depends on the pair of sneakers. Some may be comfortable, while others may not.

Don't know which ones are comfortable sneakers?

You're in luck! We've put together a list of some of the most fashionable and comfortable shoes. Now, you don't have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of fashion or vise versa!

Shall we begin?

10 Fashionable Sneakers That are Comfortable!

After some research, we've come up with a list of comfortable and aesthetic looking shoes in the market. We've included a variety of shoes to cater to all your different preferences. 

Let’s look at what the best in the market have to offer.

1- Nike Air Max 270 React 

Nike’s always been on top, owing to its stylish and awesomely comfortable sports shoes. Their Nike Air Max 270 React is an uncrowned king with probably the longest winning streak.    

These shoes have a textile and synthetic construction that combines to provide you with a comfortable fit. They exist for men and women!

Moreover, along with the Max Air cushioning, the foam midsole plays a big part in ensuring your feet are comfortable no matter how long you walk. The rubber sole is not only durable, but it also provides excellent traction. Making those sharp turns while you're running is going to be a piece of cake.

For more than 2 decades, these trendy sneakers are fashion lovers’ best friend, not to mention the cool looks that take you everywhere in casual wear. 

Price: $160

2- Loom Waterproof Sneakers 

When discussing stylish and comfortable sneakers, one cannot forget to mention Loom Waterproof Sneakers. This pair of shoes has undergone multiple tests, resulting in the perfect cushioning system to enhance your comfort level.

In addition, this pair of shoes is extremely lightweight and flexible. So, a long walk is just a piece of cake; no aching or foot fatigue at all. The moisture-wicking material makes them waterproof, so your feet remain dry and comfortable no matter where you go.

Available in two different colors, black and white, for men and women, these stylish shoes will go with almost all of your outfits!

Price: $99

3- Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

You can never go wrong with Converse Chuck Taylor All Star when it comes to style. Whether you're on a fun date with friends or to school, this pair will work with a variety of different outfits.

Let’s talk about comfort, then.

The canvas in these shoes is flexible, lightweight, and durable, giving you a lot of freedom to move around with ease and comfort. Moreover, the medial eyelets allow air to flow through the shoes, preventing sweaty feet's annoyance.

The best part is that the color option list for these shoes is inexhaustible. So, you’ve got plenty of options to inspire your friends. 

Price: $55

4- Golden Goose Superstar Sneaker

No list is complete without the classics, and Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers are worth bragging about. 

Take a look at the skate-inspired design combined with the gold heel tab. These features will not only catch your eyes instantly, but you’ll also yearn to learn more about the pair. Moreover, you must also be wondering about their price… Quench your thirst!

Made of white leather, these shoes give you a high level of comfort! The gold heel tab goes seamlessly with the vintage finish, making these sneakers an absolute jam.

The only down-side is that they're an expensive pair. But if you’re a vintage-shoe lover, these shoes are too good to miss.

Price: $495

5- Vans Tiger Patchwork Era

This is probably not your first time hearing about Vans. The brand offers a wide range of sneakers that are not only comfortable but also quite fashionable. 

If you want something unique, we suggest taking a look at the Vans Tiger Patchwork Era Sneakers.

Made of sturdy canvas upper with padded collars, this pair provides a comfy fit. In addition, the metal eyelets allow airflow, which takes away the discomfort of experiencing sweaty feet.

What makes this unique is the patchwork pattern on top of the canvas upper, which is sure to turn some eyes.

Price: $65

6- Superga Platforms

needs no introduction among men and women who are comfortable with rubber-soled footwear. The brand was launched in 1911 by Walter Martiny, in Italy. In 1925, the company came up with their iconic Superga 2750 featuring vulcanized rubber soles, and it’s been a hit ever since.

Superga 2750 platforms come in a wide range of design, fabric, and prints for the people of all ages. And their list is incomplete without 2750 Superga Cotu Classic sneakers. 

These sneakers boast canvas upper that’s available in a wide variety of colors patterns. Whether you’re going out on a road trip or hang out with your buddy for a bit of window-shopping, Cotu Classics’ cushioned footbed ensures comfort no matter how long you wear them.

The pair has lace-up closure and metal eyelets ensure that you can pull the lace tightly without tearing its fabric. The crepe-textured outsole is natural rubber that’s not only durable but also gives the right traction.

Besides these popular sneakers, you can explore Superga’s women platforms to find the right fashion sneakers. 

Price: $119

7- Adidas Superstar Shoes

Of course, no list is complete without the lights of Nike and Adidas, and we’ve saved Adidas Superstar Shoes for the last. These funky shoes serve all age types and genders, taking care of their desires for fashion and comfort.

Take no credit away from Nike's fashion sneakers, adidas’ Superstar sneakers ‘Run the Streets’ for nearly 5 decades, and the legacy continues. But what about the comfort?

These fashion sneakers offer regular fit, with lace closure. The leather upper coupled with textile lining adds traction as well as give the pair a look that’s been driving people crazy for years.

The shell toes go seamlessly with the rubber outsole to keep you fatigue-free. Moreover, you don’t need to untie the laces to remove them, which is a huge relief for those, especially kids who’re bad at untying their shoelaces.

If cloudwhite isn’t your cup of tea, you can pick and choose design/color from a wide range of other Super Sneakers by adidas.    

Price: $90

8- Veja V-12 B-Mesh Sneakers

If you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative, then look no further than the Veja V-12 B-Mesh Sneakers

Made by recycling plastic bottles, these shoes are ecological and sustainable. It takes three plastic bottles to make one pair of these sneakers. The insole is made of wild rubber and synthetic materials. The jersey lining is made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. All of which add to your comfort.

Moreover, the smart fabric is breathable and water-resistant, allowing you to wear the sneakers without any discomfort.

This pair is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can select whichever fits your aesthetic the most.

Price: £105

9- Puma Women's Match LO Sneakers

Simple, classic, and comfortable are the three words we would use to describe the Puma Women's Match LO Sneakers. These tennis shoes are made of 100% real leather, which gives them a comfortable fit. To add, the rubber sole ensures optimal comfort besides making these shoes durable. 

This pair is available in quite a few color combinations, making it easier to choose the right pair. 

Whether you're going on a run or heading to the mall, these shoes are just what you need to make a fashion statement.

Price: $70

10- UGG Women's Bren Slip-On

UGG Women's Bren Slip-On is another pair for girls seeking fashion but breathable shoes to stand on their feet for long working hours. Made of lightweight mesh and plush terry cloth interior, these shoes would look amazing with a plain tee and blue jeans.

The EVA performance foam insoles along with the canvas lining make these shoes really comfortable. Your feet will fit snugly into this pair without any trouble.

You’ve got three color options to choose from, and that’s where you get all the attention. Bright and light colors make these slip-ons too good to skip.

Price: $90

Essentials of Comfort in Fashion Sneakers

Before we look into specific shoes, let’s look at what features are essentials when it comes to providing users with comfort.

  • Breathability

Fashion and hygiene go hand in hand. No matter how cute your sneakers look, it's a big no no if they're smelly

A good way to avoid this issue is to look for shoes that are breathable. Get shoes that give room for air flow. If your feet have space to breathe more, they're less likely to sweat. 

  • Comfy insoles

Before you buy any pair of shoes, check to see if the insoles are comfortable. Fashionable shoes are amazing but they're not worth the investment if they're painful to wear. 

Trust us, a comfy sole can make a huge difference. You can also wear your shoes for longer, which is quite convenient. 

  • Durability

There's no point in wearing shoes that won't last long. Worn-out shoes are not only a sore sight for the eyes but can also be dangerous. 

Say, you're running in an old pair of sneakers, but the outer sole is all worn out. The overall grip and stability of the shoes will also be affected. 

You might lose your balance and injury yourself when falling. Therefore, always look for shoes that don’t wear out easily and will last you a long time.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is an essential feature to look at when buying shoes. If you're looking for running shoes, it's best to get shoes that are firm, to give you more stability. 

To test the level of flexibility, we suggest trying to twist and bend the shoes a little. 

  • Grips 

Different shoes offer different grips. Laced shoes are good for running, hiking and workouts, while slip-ons serve your purpose when you have an entire day to spend wearing them - removing the shoes for a while won’t be a problem.

Whether you choose snap-ons, laces, or slip-ons depends on the purpose you’re wearing them.


By now, you've probably realized that you need not sacrifice your comfort for fashion. With the right pair of shoes, you can get the best of both worlds. 

Keep in mind your preferences when looking for a pair of comfortable shoes. Also, make sure you carefully read through the features and the user guide before deciding to buy a particular pair.

We hope this article helps you find the perfect pair of stylish and comfortable sneakers for yourself!

Olyvia Smith


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